A great find!

Ok, maybe many of the more computer savvy members of ARRSE have already solved this problem, but I've only just discovered the solution :)

If you don't already know, in America there are some great TV streaming sites such as HULU, foxondemand, NBC, ABC etc etc.

http://www.hulu.com/ (Lost, 24, Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, movies.).

http://www.fox.com/fod/ (Family Guy, Simpsons etc).

http://www.nbc.com/ (has oldies like the a-team, Quantum Leap etc).

Problem is you're only able to watch them if you're connected to the net over the other side of the the pond.

After a little bit of looking around the web, I found a simple to install proxy which is free and fast enough to watch these things (Pandora works as well).

The link is here: http://www.hotspotshield.com/ (looking around this software appears to be safe - no viruses etc, but it does add an advert bar to your web browser when the connection is activated).

One thing though - if you're using a Mac, to watch HULU you have to clear the browser cache and then turn on private browsing (as they check your cache to see if you're using a proxy).

Been using it for a few days now & I've had no problems. Seems like people have been doing this for a few years though, so hopefully it's a longterm fix.

More freebie software

All you clever clogses out there should download and install freebie software Audacity, then you'll be able to record streaming audio as MP3 files on your HDD.

2 more handy utilities:

iPlayer downloader (ipdl.exe version 1.14) available from

A simple little interface that downloads iPlayer files by mimicking an iPhone: you choose the iPlayer show you want to see/hear, copy its URL from the navigation bar, and paste it into ipdl, click on "Download" and away she goes onto your hard drive as an MP4/MP3 file - simples.

An authorised iPlayer viewer utility is also available (iPlayer Desktop, from the BBC, which will handle HD quality, unlike ipdl), but it time limits the lifespan of the show downloaded.

Sadly the developer looks like he's going to give up improving this little program, but there are others out there to do the same thing.

Applian Freecorder toolbar.

This will convert any sound passing through your soundcard into MP3 format. It is installed as a toolbar into your browser (sadly, incompatible with Firefox 3.6.3 currently, but hey - you can have 1 instance of IE running, and still capture sound heard through Firefox, or any other app for that matter). It is more convenient to use than Audacity, because it does not record "nothing" - that is, it appears to stop recording once a sound file has stopped streaming across the sound card, so it can be left unattended.

Freecorder also have a utility that enables you to recover from your HDD, YouTube and similar videos, so you can save them and watch them offline. Not sure if that is bundled into Freecorder 4 at the URL above.

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