A Great Choice

Who would you of chosen?

  • Terry

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  • Gerrard

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  • Neville

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  • Owen

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  • Other

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Would have preferred Stevie G (obvious bias), however, Terry is a fine player and plays in probably the best position for a Capt (IMHO).

Another plus is he takes no sh*t. Can’t see young Shrek getting away with his behaviour toward Beckham in the NI game with JT.

Enough compliments, still comes from a small time club run by a big time gangster :D :D :wink:
Not being at all bias but my choice would have been Theo Walcott....What
Oh bugger never mind. Suppose it will have to be Terry,good choice.
Pity about Becks,still new era and all that..............hang on Venebles.

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