A government supporters view of Black Watch & families

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DonnMac2, Nov 15, 2004.

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  1. Saw this in the papers yesterday.

    I find this tactic by Labour and their supporters despicable and disgusting. They did it during the Firemen's strike with their members writing letters and emailing radio shows saying they were greedy and lazy.

    They try and smear people to bludgeon them into silence so their precious party won't be critcised. Stuff them I say. They have shown what selfish uncaring gits they are with this type of stuff.


    Whingeing brigades

    GOVERNMENT plans to curtail the Black Watch and other Scottish regiments are understandable in the light of the whingeing by soldiers and their relatives over current postings to Iraq.

    Soldiers should do what they're paid to do and relatives, if they really cared that much about their sons and lovers, would have done better to have dissuaded them from taking the Queen's shilling in the first place.

    John E Douglas, Edinburgh
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    There are some sad people out there that have actually responded in the 'approved' way to The Glorious Leader's hamfisted brainwashing techniques.

    To paraphrase a more learned gentleman than I:-

    "Calling 'Labour - right or wrong !' Is like saying "My mother - drunk or sober !' "
  3. Once again New Labour showing their true colours.

    I once thought politics could never get any worse or lower than what I was witnessing. However, New Labour have stooped and are continuing to stoop to lower levels. :evil:
  4. Dui-Lai said
    I think it has gone beyond stooping - they are in a prone position surely?
  5. They have reached the bottom and have started to dig.
  6. As the prospect of getting killed camel side is for a cause that is not ours, you’d think that the Left would understand the whinging of those Servicemen and women who do whinge. Especially as the Left loathe Bush and it’s his idea. Hypocrites.

    Hands up anyone who joined up to fight wars in very foreign lands to counter non existent threats, then face up to an enemy who doesn’t fight according to the laws and customs of war. Good experience but not worth the life of a single infidel.

    No ‘for you Tommy the war is over’ and a well executed salute. Just well executed and your remains kicked about on TV.

    Whinge away.
  7. The Saviour of the Black Watch?[/u]http://www.scottishlabour.org.uk/falkirkwest2/
  8. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Hah - Joyce! Ex Army, now Neu Arbeit lackey. I wouldn't give him the steam off my p*ss!
  9. They don't care about the climate they create as long as they con enough voters to stay in office. Below's an even sicker example of our society. Undoubtedly neds but who creates the climate that makes them think they can get away with it?



    Exclusive By Jack Mathieson

    A VANDAL has destroyed floral tributes outside the family home of a Black Watch soldier killed in Iraq.

    Bouquets put on a fence in memory of Private Paul Lowe were ripped down.

    Politicians yesterday condemned the desecration in Kelty,Fife.

    Paul, 19, died in a suicide bomb attack near Fallujah earlier this month.

    His younger brother Craig, 18, also a serving Black Watch soldier, later vowed to 'knock out' Prime Minister Tony Blair if he ever saw him.

    Sunday's vandal attack is believed to have taken place after Craig got in a row with another Kelty teenager.

    Police made inquiries and an 18-year-old man was later charged with breach of the peace.

    But the charge was dropped yesterday after Dunfermline fiscals decided there was not enough evidence to pursue a conviction.

    Police, who fear locals may try to seek revenge for the vandalism, have stepped up patrols in Kelty.

    The Lowe family, who found the damage just hours before attending a Remembrance Day church service, would not comment yesterday.

    But the damage to the tributes had been repaired.

    Local MSP Helen Eadie said: 'I am shocked to hear that someone could do this.

    'When a soldier has given his life unselfishly for the interests of the country, it is tragic that something like this should occur.

    'The family should be shown total respect by the community.'

    Paul's funeral will be held tomorrow.
  10. His younger brother Craig, 18, also a serving Black Watch soldier, later vowed to 'knock out' Prime Minister Tony Blair if he ever saw him.

    good on him, although I expect theres a que
  11. reckon he will be making himself scarce over christmas...otherwise he'll be getting a visit or 50. (Very small part of the world is Fife)
  12. Little fcukers like him should do Chilwell then head camelside. I disagree with pretty much everything else you say though. Iraq and all it entails IS our war. If it wasn't for the Americans we'd be speaking German now and that's a fact. It would be almost impossible for the UK to refuse a US request for help. I was on FINGAL and TELIC 1 and I'm glad I had a tiny part in it all. We will be following the US elsewhere, wait out. And you can't slag Eric Joyce. He was in, did some time, and has more of a voice than some of the other fcukers banging on.
  13. No little scrotes like him should be beaten to within an inch of their life and left for their local community to sort out.

    Fine, you're entitled to your opinion.

    It is now that the beloved leader (may he reign etc etc) has signed us up for it without a thought to the future

    To a degree - yes, but not the whole story.

    Well done you...

    I'm sure we will, and with a depleted armed forces thanks to the current Govt. What fun that will be for all involved

    Yes i bloody well can. He's a loud mouthed, small minded tosser. And as for him having more voice than some of the others, i doubt it - he doesn't have the balls to say anything without the consent of no.10.
  14. I did type a reply to a similar bold statement like this, somewhere else on Arrse. I really must look for it.
  15. Hear Hear! Well said that man.Falkirk West will have new representation come the next election if the strength of feeling about what's going on is not lost