A good winter running jacket.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Narcissus, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. With the nights now getting darker and colder, and the fact that were I work is no longer my local gym, I find myself doing more running than gym visits but as I am not getting back till the evening I would like some recommendations as to a good top to buy.

  2. I need a winter running jacket for the first quarter-mile.

    Then I'm sweating like a rhino-bitch on heat.

    So, sorry, can't help you. I'd rather be cold for a quarter-mile than carry a jacket for 2 more...

  3. P.S. Off thread: I found that disc of the medical dictionary. (or rather, my 1 year old was playing with it, having located it in a box somewhere). Is everything working your end, or can I send you the files from the disc?
  4. I use a persimon jacket (from decathlon) its bright orange a weighs bugger all
  5. Much like friendly fire, when I wore one I only got wetter on the inside. Just as well without one, unless you intend standing about for a while during or straight after your run. FYI, I used adidas.
  6. Concur, when I've been for a run when it's below zero, I've put on a rugby shirt.

    Cold & snow is a great incentive to keep moving!
  7. I have a Ron Hill pertex jacket. Have had it for over 10 years now, and it's done me proud. It has no lining or membrane or anything fancy, and can easily be put in to a bum bag.

    Pertex is only shower proof, not water proof, so it won't make you as hot as, say,a gortex jacket. I wouldn't recommend anything waterproof or heavy for running - as others have said, even in winter you'll risk overheating.
  8. Stick a tshirt over a helly hansen top. thats the badger.

    Dries faster than wet bog roll in an oven.
  9. At the risk of looking 'All the gear...' look at some running jackets by concurve/gore (essentialy the same). They are a bit steep but very good quality and will last forever.

    Also, having spent some cash on one you'll force yourself to go out and run in it!
  10. I concur with GCM

    If you're cold you ain't running fast enough
  11. i bought a drysphere longsleve runnin top from nike last xmas and its great. warm but thin and breathable. cost bout 20quid but worth it. some of the halley hansen stuff is good too. or just use tshirt and shorts lol
  12. I have a lovely luminous yellow one (after nearly being knocked down once or twice) by saucony. Its only a gillet so keeps the chest warm whilst not making things too hot. Also has sleeved that can be put on if it gets really cold, and a nice fleece neck so no "chaffage".
  13. Big girls blouses... saggy V-neck (to the crotch) was good enough for thou, tis good enough for thee
  14. I also use a Ron Hill luminous petex jacket - comes in handy in the dark winter mornings or nights. Coupled with matching hat and gloves you would think I was hard to miss - but still have had a couple of 'sorry mate I didn't see you!' So I do sometimes question why i bothered.

  15. As said earlier, a Helly Hansen or my personal choice of a Rugby Canterbury base layer, and if its really cold a rugger top on top of that.