A good use of public money?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. Only that nothing this mongish Gubmint do will suprise me any more...

  2. Except carry out a mass suicide pact in the cabinet office.

    We can live in hope.
  3. That cash is from ISAF - nowt to do with the MOD budget, or expenditure on kit.

    One of the reasons we are in Afgh is to entice the locals away from alleigance with the Taliban - IE give them things they want, that Terry won't let them have.

    What are your comments, journo?
  4. Sadly TLF, that is in the same league as a big lottery win, or being stranded alone with a coachload of cheerleaders and a kitbag full of Viagra.
  5. I would quite happily forego them both to seem my dream come true.

    As for the money to build a swing park. 500k??? How fecking much??

    Who in Gods name signs the cheques? Fair enough, its probably as dangerous as building one in the Moss Side but even so, its a 'bit pricey'.
  6. It's irrelevant really. £400k??? 'bit feckin' pricey'???

    Even if we do manage to get rid of what's left of the Taliban, encourage Afghan farmers to grow spuds instead, and persuade America's Kharzai to put in a government of the people, by the people and for the people, there's still a dirty great pipeline to go in costing $3.6 billion right across the south of the country linking Caspian Sea natural gas reserves (up to 170.4 trillion cubic feet estimated) in Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan. Potential big £££ $$$ for western companies.

    In fact, it's the reason we're there, silly boys!!!!!
  7. Not sure if it makes a difference as to which budget it came from, it is still a hideous amount of taxpayers hard earned cash, and I personally would rather see it spent on better equipment (that works!) than on the local population who probably wont appreciate it, and certainly cant comprehend the amount of money spent!

    Incidentally I am not a journo!

  8. Well done trigger. :roll:
  9. French! I thought you were dead!


  10. Wishful thinking if ever there was one.