A good time to join up?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Morty, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. 'The military is so short of money that there are plans to send units home for three months over Christmas to save fuel and food, senior defence sources disclosed. Exercises, vital to prepare soldiers for operations, have been reduced and training is at a dangerously low level.'


    I'm eligable to reapply for the Army in May, and hopefully this time next year i'll be well on my way in training. But just how bad is the situation? What kind of orginisation am I joining? Is it one that can sustain itself? Are the benefits such as job security and pension as secure as I thought? Any thoughts? If your kids where at an age where they were considering a military career, would you encourage or dissuade them? How does the Army of today compare to when you served (in that I mean the orginisation, funding, support etc, not the standard of recruit or soldier) I'm not a journalist.


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  2. The same sort of questions I'm currently considering as well.
  3. My son started his Phase 1 training 3 weeks ago. It is still a career for people who can give that bit more and who can provide some self discipline to their lives.

    Today's soldier is as hard working, adaptable and honourable as the ones I served with, and my Father served with, and his father. Perhaps there are some changes in initial physical condition, as we tend to live a little easier now than 20 years ago. Forget the "play station generation myth", the young men and women serving today are producing the goods in hostile environments.

    It is still an honourable profession, and well worthwhile. I'm proud of my son, and we are all proud of those who are serving now.

  4. Do you work for 'The Guarniad', then?
  5. I have heard the US militry send there troops home alot to save on food fuel etc.