A good time to bury sensitive news

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hong_kong_fuey, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Wouldnt it be easier to bury the 2 and a half million
  2. especially worrying that there is a big problem with the price of housing in this country.

  3. Quite frankly I think it's staggering that Labour has allowed, even encouraged, it. The irony: former Marxists providing exploitable labour for the nu-elite.
  4. I watched something recently which said there are probably more than that considering our sewerage is now overflowing with all the pooh that is being made... shocking ..
  5. I am not sure how migrant workers on really low pay are going to push the price of housing up even with a shortage of housing. This paranoia about immigrants is getting boring - they have been coming to this country since the Vikings got lost on a day's fishing trip off Norway.
  6. firstly, i have no problem with someone coming here iif they are going to be a benefit to the UK. Second, they have to live somewhere, even if it is renting. This will reduce the availability of accomodation for those already here, pushing up prices.

  7. You don't see a correlation between the rapid and dramatic increase in population and the rise of property prices? I find that amazing.

    The area I live in has seen a eye-bogglingly massive influx of immigrants since 1997. The rise in property prices here is linked to the buy-to-let market. We all know that people are wary of pensions that are linked to the stock market, and many people now choose to invest in buy-to-let. The established Asian communities in the wider area dominate the market for the most affordable housing. Often there are several investors from the same family or company bidding for a single property. Therefore, they can often afford to outbid young working couples with ease. They then rent these properties, often in poor condition, to economic migrants. If the migrant is unemployed, you and I pay for their housing benefit. Similarly, if the migrant is on a low wage then you and I pay for a portion of his//her housing benefit.

    There are several thousand recently arrived Afghans located in a particular area not far from me. It's a closed community that has taken over the heroin importation/distribution racket, amongst other activities. Already they own many of the pubs, shops and much of the slum housing. They own the local barber shop and the tacit understanding is that non-Afghans aren't allowed in. This area was traditionally comprised of people from the Indian Subcontinent. They have been pushed out. Only the very poorest members of the Indian and Pakistani communities have remained. Otherwise the area is predominantly comprised of Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, ethnic Albanians, Somalis, and Jamaican Yardies.

    It's obvious there is a link between house prices and receiving nearly 3million immigrants since 2004 (and that figure doesn't count non working family members). How many since 1997?
  8. Mrs Taff is one of these foreigners and has just started her business, and will soon be employing, it is a high number but I'm not noticing a shortage of jobs, housing perhaps, but thats because there are not many being built.
    Its the freebie scrounging buggers who are not working that gets on my boobies.