A good start?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. Exclusive: Syrian President Says He Can Help Broker Peace If U.S. Will Talk
    ABC News
    (includes video & transcript)

    Sounds like a promising start?
  2. I doubt Random_Task. Our Israeli friends and their lobby in Washington will not allow this.
  3. just on a language point here KGB watch out for the old double negatives.
    I often take the p'iss out a Polish mate who uses them. He's an engineer and he very well appreciates how they are not even used in the English language let alone the maths. :thumright:

    Said with respect mate, your Russian will be better than mine.
  4. How wonderfully refreshing to see your anti-semitic ways haven't changed. I suppose as "pogrom" is a Russian word we shouldn't be surprised.

    Why not pick on the Irish too, they have a strong lobby in Washington - Bush is Irish-American after all. That must mean the Irish are responsible for the middle east crisis.

    T wat.
  5. Surely if we want moral high ground Syria is unlikely to be able to point us in the right direction?
  6. Before you jump on Sergey GDav , how many times have the Syrians suggested or offered to broker talks, say in the last year only to have hysterical screaming from Israel drowning out their best efforts, ably aided by bloggers, certain newspapers and lobby groups and that beacon of journalistic purity, Debka?

    What has the Irish-American lobby to do with the Middle East? Though if we are to go down that route, who brought pressure to bear on the White House, to allow Adams to visit?

    Let's look at the leading pro-Israel lobby group, AIPAC

    A simple search of 'Syria' on the Aipac site reveals many articles, including this one


    A common thread through everything to do with Syria is "They are the enemies of the USA and Israel"

    This is the most powerful pro-Israel lobbying group in the USA , and I'd agree with Sergey. Anything Syria does or tries to do, will simply be shouted down.
  7. Sorry, but returning to thread,
    No matter whether one likes this man's provenance or whatever I think it would be a good start to talk with him and would be a small sign that we in the west are begining to start on the path to regaining our senses.
    The path of not talking is a path that will inevitably lead to more war than is strictly necessary.