A good start from a young lad!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by crimsonhussar, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. He could have kept the weight on and joined the raf regiment
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  2. Just the thing he wanted, I am sure, his face in the Sun.
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  3. I suppose it cancels out any chance of him being on a balcony in the future.
  4. Well, he wont have to wait for a nickname that's for sure!!

    Fat Boy Slim? I'll give the PTIs a head start. They generally need one for anything othe rthan running :D
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  5. Fair play to the lad. Hope he maintains it if he passes out of training. And not turn into a fat slobber like so many that's gone before.
  6. Note he had a daily routine of running every day and circuit training at the boxing club, not wonder protein shakes or expensive machines in the gym.

    Something the kiddies in the recruitment threads whinging about having slow run times should take heed of.
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  7. I was in the same boat when I first wanted to join, I was something of a porker and wound up going running three times a day for around 40 minutes each time. I soon dropped the weight. I'm now a civvy and a porker again I'm happy to report. :)
  8. Nice sub title, "he scoffed like a trooper"

    Scoffed like one of Andy Capps Commandos more like
  9. I did it the opposite way round.I started off skinny and after two decades put the weight on....thats BAOR for you.
  10. And why not? Since it used to look like the Moon!
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  11. UKLF didn't like BFG as it was all panzers and barbeques, we loved BFG for exactly the same reasons
  12. 12.5 stone weight limit? Really?
    We had two massive blokes come and join the regiment, one was 19 stone, the other 21 stone..and neither had an ounce of fat on them. Both over 6 foot, one an ex semi pro rugby player, the other a fitness instructor.

    Infact, I work with a young lad just now who is away to join the Royal Marines. He is 20 something stone too, and a rower. Shoulders like a bloody Ox and thighs the size of normal peoples waist. He is past medical stage etc.

    And to Fat Boy Slim..good effort!!!
  13. I'm now officially old as the first thing I thought on looking at the 'after' photo was..."He looks about 12!".
    Well done that ex salad dodger.
  14. 19 stone of thrusting young turk is quite different to 19 stone of salad dodging pie man though - they take these things into consideration