A Good Reason to Drink

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. Can't think of any better encouragement to drink (as if I needed one).

  2. Fecking hell, that's enough to turn a man into an alky!

    Actually, I think some of them might actually be men...
  3. jeeeeezus!! id best get a can sharpish
  4. Toenails
  5. Isnt the one in white pointing to the sign Tubbs from League of gentlemen
  6. She's not that good looking!
  7. They used to stand outside a pub in Aldershot circa 1910!
  8. That looks like the 5 Regt AAC Officers Mess wives photo from a couple of years a go. 8O
  9. Obviously some of the 72 virgins Muslims get in the garden of paradise
  10. The one in the middle of the front row looks like a go-er though. One of those quiet freaky types you find in the frozen food section of Iceland....erm....so I hear.

    edit* Come to think of it, its all frozen food at Iceland, hence the ice part I assume. But you get my drift.
  11. :D

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  12. A woman drove me to drink and to my undying shame I have never had the decency to thank her.
  13. Wonder which one is legs?
  14. Maybe you'd like to increase your medication.
  15. you need a REASON to drink???? How very odd!!!