A good read - "An Ordinary Soldier" by Doug Beattie

Went along to the local Waterstones for a ticket only night to hear Doug Beattie talk about his book and about his time in Afghanistan, particularly the battle for Garmsir. He gave what I thought was an honest and forthright account of what is happening in Helmand and beyond. It was a good night both for his talk and for the signed copy of his book. I understand another book is on the way from him.

£7.99 well spent.

(Sorry, I cross posted this!!)
I too, have read his book. Infact i bought it as soon as it came out. It really is a brilliant read and well worth the money if you ask me! A must read.
Glad you liked his book. I couldn't get along with it myself, it frustrates me that I couldnt put my finger on what i ddidnt like about it becasue it had all the makings of a good book. A small point, criticising a person who I'm sure is a better man than me, but I hated how he so often referred to himself in the third person. Ie. "Beattie is not going to stand for that...." etc etc.
I enjoyed the book and if you can find a copy online of Fighting the Taleban, from Channel 4's Despatches, it was filmed at the same time and place.
Well if he can't write, at least he can fight! Fair play to him and the others in Afghan then and now. There is another book coming out soon - in October. Task Force Helmand. Lets see if that one is any good...
I hated how he so often referred to himself in the third person. Ie. "Beattie is not going to stand for that...." etc etc.[/quote]

That's invariably the sign of an insufferable egotist (gnash, grind) Good book otherwise tho'
Just watched that documentary on youtube, got the book now ready to go !!
Mighty_Blighty said:
gouglyearly said:
Thought he came across as a t*~t. Shame as he's actually a good bloke.
Completely agree.

In the book or the documentary?
Give the bloke a break. It was his first book, it told a story honestly and in more or less his own words. I expect Task Force Helmand will be an improvement on the literary front.
Give the bloke a break, he probably used a ghost writer so the "feel" of the account may differ from his personality. And don't forget that military operations are fractured and difficult to convey in the written word. They do not flow like a well planned novel and agents/publishers sometimes do not understand this, so they prefer that authors/ghost writers to stick to traditional layouts and styles, messing about with the flow and timelines in the misguided belief that it will make the book reader friendly (yes - publishers do think that the book buying public are un-educated fools and need their guidance).

So again, give Doug a break.

(disclaimer - I am not Doug, his father, brother or any member of his immediate family, neither a friend or former comrade in arms nor his agent or publisher 8) )
For my two pennies worth, I'm no friend, relative or anything else to do with the fella but I served in Helmand with him, and bumped into him a few times on my travels around the place, and have read his book. It seemed OK to me. Besides, winning the MC - you have to doff your hat to that whether you like the book or not...
back to my beer and watching strictly come dancing with Mrs TDF...
I liked it, he's clearly not a writer but it is an honest soldiers account. Like how any of you or myself could write about our experiences.

Not sure if this adds to the feel of the book or not but still worth a read.
I bought the book when I was on hols in England this summer,but still didn't get round reading it,because I'm currently reading Ross Kemp "On Afghanistan".But you lot triggered my curiosity now!
Yep, I've read TFH. Picked up a copy at Tesco the other day (so someone has convinced the supermarkets it's worth stocking). I liked it. Tough act to follow An Ordinary Soldier though. Second book takes him from Kajaki to PB Attal via Marjah. Lots going on in all three locations. Not surprisingly there are plenty more characters too, several of them 1 R IRISH, so this is not just his book but for the other lads too. As with AOS there seems to be more than a few run-ins with the afghan forces - Fuckin' Afghans chapter is a bit of an eye-opener. ANA seem a bunch of reprobates.
Anyway he's now done to two tours of Afghan and written two books - fair play to the bloke. He's been there and then been back again. Not bad for an oldie.
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