A Good Old Fashioned Knockabout!!!!

I have read many messages and bits on bobs on here that have led me to believe some of us (most) have a few pent up frustrations that we may like to get rid of, a la milling style!
Now hows about an event set up with ring, doctor,corner judges etc like they do for the amateur ultimate fighting thing. I do have a couple of contacts that could make sure its all legal and safe and I'm sure we can all sum up loads of publicity and funding to make it a proper ARRSE event including pi55 up after it all, anyone think we have the forming of an idea??
Knob? oh how I love a repartee, I was being serious as it been a bit of a giggle, unless your fannyin out Biscuits! Whats more fun then havin a good brawl and a beer, guess the spirit is fading.............

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