A good old fashioned green weekend....

Bashas friday night, harbour drills, tab to and occupy harbour location, into routine, rehearse section attacks; orders for 2x recce patrols and from the information obtained, put in section attacks* at o'dark thirty.

Living in the woods, eating ORPs. Medics did medic stuff. Tabbed back to the G4 bods and was given a hot breakfast.

63 exercising troops which is not that bad given we have c.45 on Ops, the Rugby was on and its not focused on HERRICK.

Sometimes its good to go back to basics.

* next weekend will see Platoon deliberate attacks.
Do you ever do weekend training where you move into the harbour area, set out your sentries, send out patrols and nothing else happens? No enemy encountered, no dawn attack, nothing. Just establish more comfortable living conditions, improve defences, improvise phys etc., obviously not knowing whether something is going to happen. A weekend of harbour routine.

Not sexy, but more aligned with reality and an opportunity to trial and error improvements in admin in the field. As the saying goes, any fool can be uncomfortable and particularly so when you know that it's only until Sunday afternoon before you can jump into a hot bath.

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