A good nosh in the field ...

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by macspite, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. Hello ARRSERS,

    This is my first post so for fcuks sake be gentle with me

    Can you help with ideas for an easy to prepare and cook meal for 20+ people to be cooked using a Sankey 3/4 ton trailer field kitchen?

    1. I am a civvy

    2. I don't normally cook

    3. This is probably very waltish

    4. Especially as it will be a group of old military vehicle owners chilling out over Easter in the Hampshire countryside.

    5. But very few of us dress up

    I was thinking along the lines of a ruby, with a "two tier" flavouring - bland for those of a nervous disposition with added fresh chillies for those with stronger ringpieces. I have the facility to boil, fry and flame grill but have no oven as yet.

    Any variation of the above idea most welcome. Will no doubt accompany the meal with a few bottles of Chateau La Trine and finish with a chill dish of Walt's ice cream

  2. Nosh has different connotations...

    a) "to nosh someone off"

    b) the other one....

    Scran or scoff mayhaps?.... :D
  3. Saintstone is your man.

    I'd go for all in stew - you can't go wrong with that.
  4. My two pence worth

    Start with a simple melon or Prawn Cocktail (very simple ingredients)

    SpagBol or Chili are equally simple but effective

    Finish off with a crumble of some description or good old Bread & Butter pudding

    All washed down with a good Bitter or Cider

    Simple ingredients producing wholesome food

    Oh and good luck by the way
  5. Tins of corned beef hash hmmmmm

    very cheap at Linde too
  6. Well aware of the connotations, b) is the most likely to happen, a) would worry me frankly as most of those who will be camping are middle aged blokes. Still, as Maggie Philbin found to her cost, Cheggers can't be boozers.
  7. Sainty is yer man!!!

    He is a God in Catering for the masses (he may be catholic I dunno, but he'll feed anyone in the universe).

    24/7 , out of hours - no problem.

    Just dinny ask for more than one sausage
  8. Sluggy, Sparky, thanks for the vote of confidence. Party of 20, doddle, as you have already stated, curry is a good choice, same with an all-in stew. You've got the choice to flame grill, so BBQ style is an option too, preccook your jacket spuds, leave on the side of the grill in foil to re-heat. Plenty of meat and salad, followed by rice pud, ACC style. Boil rice in water, overcook, add loads of sugar and three cans of evaporated milk, creamy as you like, meal sorted. :D
  9. Thanks for the encouragement! I reckon if I get them p*ssed enough beforehand and delay the meal until dusk they won't notice the burnt bits and I can claim that curry is supposed to be crunchy ..
  10. Thanks to everyone for the tips.

    I played safe and produced a veg curry that was easy to cook and fed the hordes satisfactorily - they went quiet, wolfed it down and asked for more. The more complex menus will be tried next time now I'm no longer a field kitchen virgin - we have our own 4 day show on the late May Bank Holiday which will provide some more victims.
  11. What the fcuk is wrong with a fcuk off big Norgy of Range Stew?
  12. Fcuk all.

    But I haven't acquired a norgie* yet. The clientele for food included women and vegetarians. And shopping in Tesco on a Bank Holiday Saturday meant I grabbed the first things available - veg is at the store entrance.

    *apart from the one I was wearing - after a few days in the field woyuld make an excellent pudding cloth.