A Good Night on The Lash

I was thinking to myself the other day that a consequence of a good night on the urine is suffering from the danger symptoms of nerve agent poisoning!

N - Nausea and Vomiting

I - Involuntary P*ssing and S*itting

M - Muscular Twitching

S - Stoppage of Breath!

So far ive only achieved 3 of the above, I have yet to be revived on the high street! has anyone achieved the full 4!?
"Buck" Rodgers, 3 Regt AAC circa 1989 - 90 (no persec, he's long gone)

Found in a ditch on the B1 by a GCP bod who had stopped for a p1ss and did indeed p1ss on him.

Out of his face, no DM left, elects to walk back from the OG, collapses in a drainage ditch on the B1, chucks up, p1sses and sh1ts himself and then stops breathing. Only survived due to the GCP having a lucky leak.

2 weeks in hospital, heroes return.

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