A good leader will listen to his men.......

When I did my NCO's Cadre in '95 I remember being told that someone once said something along the lines of: A good leader will listen to his soldier but whilst he may not use their ideas he will consider them.

Can any remember the correct quote and maybe who said it?
Bound to be Bill Slim he was a font for leadership quotes.

Liked this one though: “Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.” — General George Patton
It was Teresa (Eventually Sharpe's Wife)

Sharpe's Rifles

Teresa: I think your men agree.
Sharpe: You ask your men what to do?
Teresa: Yes. I don't always do it but I ask. Don't you? Or do you just beat them until they do it?

Goes on later to say

they call him a proper bustard.
Sharpe: You listen to soldiers' gossip, ma'am.
Teresa: Yes, I do. You see, we have two ears but only one mouth. So a good leader will listen twice as much as he shouts.

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