A good idea from MPA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stanley_bomb_squad, May 14, 2010.

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  1. Radio 4 Today Program..err, well. Today.

    A Peer who sits on the Met Police Authority has suggested that rather than keeping all the dangerous dogs in kennels, at the cost of 10s of thousands of tax payers money, they should be handed over to police firearms officers to be shot.

    What a cracking idea armed plod get to practise on live targets.
    I'd prefer them to be running free so that they can work on deflection shooting.
    And because I'm a soft bastard (I know, I shouldnt admit my weaknesses on here) I though it'd be nice for the Chav owners to get to come along and see their misunderstood pets put down.
  2. How about the same approach to lifers?
  3. Cracking idea my arrse, the dogs have become dangerous due to the way they've been brought up. If anything should be used as live targets, it's the neds and chavs that have conditioned the dogs to be like that.
  4. Take your point on owners. However, is that behaviour ever going to be trained out of the dogs? If not, get rid.
  5. whats the got to do with Mount Pleasant Airport MPA
  6. Why not slaughter, ship to korea as Misc meat and thus profit.