A good Flight Safety video!

Mighty, it's the same one. It seems to have caused a bit of outrage over there! Lots of PC tree lickers demanding it should be banned etc.

Yep, its a spoof for an advert. Non the less, a good flight safety video. If it makes people think a bit more when working around helis, its done its job IMHO.
Wonder where his head gear ended up?

Some would scream that showing these sort of pictures and videos is vile and gruesome. I disagree. Shock factor may be the difference to saving someone elses life. As those who work around aircraft will know, people tend to leave their brain behind when near an aircraft (literally in that guys case) and have little concept how dangerous the environment really is. If something like this sticks in their mind when everything else is forgotten, then its done its job as a warning.

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