A good choice?

If I was to join the TA as a Driver/Driver Rad Op, would I be able to get on a tour (assuming we don't withdraw from Afghanistan) with relative ease in about three years? I would finish Uni in May/June 2013, at which point if all goes to plan I will have been in the TA two or three years.

Is this realistic? Is driver a job that often needs places filling? If HERRICK was still Oct-April I think this would be a great way to get some of my student debt squared away.
Yeah... Can't see why not, just a c ase of putting your self forward and having the time for the courses!

It's all about how much time you have to spend on courses etc
What may happen is you find, as I just have, that you have the time but you are limited to MTD's, 27 days or for a National unit 19 days.
Well, if I used my MTDs on camp, evenings and weekends but wanted to do course/s during the summer, for example, would I be able to do them c1 (I think that's right for unpaid)?
Yes, it is C1. What concerns me is the future of working C1? What happens when the MoD twig we are working for nothing? Will they say "Those TA chaps are good, they work for fcuk all, lets carry on with that!" And that could be the future for the TA and we played a part by working C1.
I am willing to be corrected if I am looking on the gloomy side.
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