A golfers thread including Professional predictions and tips and ARRSE Golf socials

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by bitterandtwisted, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Hello Golf Arrsers,

    I have noticed that here is no dedicated thread to Golf and it being the beautiful game.

    Shame really, as I bet some of you probably swing club or too...

    So I thought I would start this thread to talk all things GOLF whether its just golf tips, sorting out a ARRSE golf social.. Or talking about the game and the PRO's of the game..

    My prediction for the Masters is McIlroy vs Woods in the top 2, if either arent in the top 5 I will be very surprised, with McIlroy to win it. I am convinced a european will win it and although not gambling man I wil have a bet on europe to win the the next ryder cup.... youd be mad not to...

    PGA.com is an excellent app if you have I-pad also.

    The summer is here so get out there and play as I will be - also good golf gadgets and training aids to improve your game is welcomed.

    Happy golfing arrsers and lets get out for a round!!!#

    Edited to add - if you know of discount equipment websites and cheap golfing holidays please throw them in......

    Regards Bitter
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  2. Pleased to see that mcilroy is in the Mix and certainly has a chance after todays performance.
  3. How's the thread going mate?
  4. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Spent the day watching the Masters.

    What's happened to Woods ? He put in a terrible performance today; he seems to have lost his natural ability.
    I am no expert and but he just does not appear natural anymore compared with old tv footage when he reigned supreme a few years back. It would be great to see him come out and smash it tomorrow.

    Good to see Couples in joint lead. I can see him making top 3 if he can hold his nerve...The leader board is interesting reading and I think the competition is wide open.

    My money is on Westwood in a playoff to win. Who with ? Anybody in the top ten and woods if he can dramatically find his old firm tomorrow...

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  5. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Forgot to say, check The Masters Golf Tournament app. It's free and very good - you can watch the comp live on your phone !

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  6. Good idea, happy to advise on Aussie courses.
  7. Yeah, Tiger was pretty dogshit but he hasn't been playing too well for years. No one can stay at the very top forever. I'm hoping Lee Westwood puts in a few more good rounds. It's even made me think about dusting off my clubs so I can carry on slicing every shot off the fairway!
  8. Tiger IMHO, will never get back to the form in his youth like he was before. He maybe over all his personal issues in his life but his mindset of play has changed, you can see how different a bloke he is since his marital break up and injuries which have added to his gameplay....

    Tiger when was at his best, he was like a robot and because of his fantasy mindset of being a billioniare playboy, this increased his confidence and when his missus caught him doing it, he got a reality check. The tiger no longer roars but growls now, he will win some majors though and break some more records but the frequency will certainly be a lot less.

    Westwood I reckon will be in the Top 2 and maybe sneak it with a battle with MclRoy, its no fluke that they are seeded 3 and 2 in the world, luke donald wont be world number 1 for much longer.....

    If a European doesnt win I would like to see Couples win it. Nothing more deserving of putting those years play and experience and patience in. The sad man that I am I already have the masters and PGA apps.....

    Also I am looking to treat myself to a decent golf GPS, so If anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

    BA totally aggree the comptetion is wide open, though I suspect today will sort the men from the boys. Jiminez is aslo a dark horse and definately not to be written off as an older player.......... The bookies have slashed the odds of McIlroy to 7/2 and that is not suprising how he played, and has matured so much from throwing his lead away in the final round last year with at the start a 4 shot lead........
  9. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well , today changed things somewhat ! Tomorrow will be very interesting.

    I am surprised Couples did not hold his ground. I also thought Jimenez would have come through harder but now at + 1 after a great day yesterday ? Great to see Mickelson coming through and the eagle was awesome.

    I think any of the -4 and below are in the mix.

    Hanson at -9 ? I would not have put money on that and I don't think he will hold the line at the end.

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  10. Well Bubba watson nails it and feel sorry for Ouzhuisten, but brillant masters all the same!!!
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    So who's organising the arrse masters - got a RTR society day on last Friday in July for anyone in the area (N Devon). We have been known to throw it open to all after a trawl through the EGU handicap database.
  12. Great. This saves me starting a thread.!!!

    I first took up golf in 1997 had a couple of lessons and just cracked on not really getting anywhere just played 3 ish odd rounds a week but ended up just managing the courses and gaing a handicap by knowing the course. By 2001 I wasn't really getting

    I restarted golf again in December 2012. Since then I have 30 odd lessons and spend roughly 3 - 4 hours a week at the range and practice area. I have also been customer fitted with irons, driver etc and this has made a massive difference.

    I am completely hooked and addicted to the game again and really looking forward to the summer certainly after the past wet winter.

    So what are anyone's predictions for this years Masters now that Woods has pulled out with an injury. Can Mcllroy or Westwood find their form this year? Ultimately it's the Ryder Cup that I'm looking forward to most.
  13. Ahh one thing I meant to add.

    Golf insurance!! Does anyone have it? Can anyone recommend any policies? I have looked around and there are a far few ranging in price from £22 - £60 per annum depending on what cover you require.

    My clubs all in are worth £1500 odd, that coupled with 2 pairs shoes and waterproofs it's £2000 worth equipment. So it wouldn't be cheap to replace.

    All the policies have European cover with a bolt on for the USA is it worth it as I already have something similar with my bank.

    The other parts of the policy are cover against Hole in Ones, Personal Liability and Medical Cover which I'm fine with.

    The one question I have.
    Are there any policies that don't have Club Fee protection. I'm not a member of any club and won't be for a while so don't really want to pay for something I won't use. Or is it a case of suck it up

  14. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Check your other policies first as you may find that you are insured for items away from home in your household and personal,effects insurance. You would though have to tell them about clubs and equipment worth that much.

    With all that kit why don't you fancy joining a club yet?
  15. Just not up to speed yet. That said I'm thinking it's time. With golf kit changing so much do you need to register each club