A glimpse of service suffering...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smartascarrots, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. At long last, civvies get to experience the hardships of untold generations of servicemen.

    I look forward to tins of hotdogs arriving with the middle one missing.

    Surely that should read 'beverage of last resort'?
  2. Funny how the article makes the NAAFI out to be a lovely set up which wouldnt dare monopolise or rip us off at all 8O
  3. The BBC thought it had to explain what the NAAFI was created to run??
    you have to be kidding me!
    (No Ambition And Fu(ckall Interest)
  4. Remember that god-awful NAFFI coffee that used to be gven out in night ration boxes in guardrooms in the 80's? If ever there was a method that you could dessicate evil and put it in a silver bag, this was it.
  5. It wasn't through bloody choice it was because it was all that was fcuking available. It left a yellow/orange stain on your 58 pat mug that no amount of scrubbing could ever shift and any norgie that held it stank of condensed milk and stale tea.
  6. The story I was told was that NAAFI took the finest leaves from India and Ceylon, then threw them away and used the sweepings from the bottom of the chests.

    Somewhere along the line, out-of-date packets of mushroom soup seemed always to be added to the mix.
  7. The only proven way to remove the taint of tea from a norgie is to use it for screech. Admittedly, it will then take on the bright orange glow normally associated with the China Syndrome, but omelettes and eggs...

    Shit, you don't think they're going to start selling screech as well, do you?
  8. Naafi Break, created by the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (Naafi), will be available in 80 branches of Spar.

    It is the first time the UK-made tea has been sold on the High Street.

    Thinking back, i am sure they did it before and due to the fact it tastes like dump it died on its arrse
  9. I was going to comment but everyone else has beaten me to it....

    However the coffee was particularly vile. The Belgian army at least got decent coffee in their rations (Douwe Egberts IIRC). My Belgian army mate wouldn't even use Naafi coffee to rinse out his mug.

    And I seem to recall that the preferred beverage of choice for the troops always seemed to be alcoholic in nature...

  10. I remember Joanna Luvely in the ads during the 80's. Being a horny teenager and watching my Dad get all horned-up over Ms Lumley was a fond first memory of 'monkey-see-monkey-do'

    I think he also bought lots of VHS tapes to record re-runs of the Avengers on the brand new Channel 4.
  11. Of course it was a choice, the same choice as always - take it or leave it.

    I have never understood how they managed to get that orange colour though. My daughter once made me a cup of tea and put nearly a whole packet of tea in the teapot and then let it stand for about an hour and it still didn't get even close to that evil evil shade.
  12. Relentless Inferno energy drink taste just like Screech but fizzy, :puker: :pukel:
  13. My Brother in Law and I were talking about that yesterday, It was the lime one that was the worst and the orange just about bearable, but I think it depended on what Egg Op was on depended on how bad it really was.
  14. I absolutely love screech :lol:, i will gladly swap it for bits of my brew kit.
  15. Will they be doing one flavoured with 'German Mud' or 'Grass and Leaves' and 'Sand and Engine Oil' ?