A glimpse into my (now civilian) day ...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by onfire, May 9, 2007.

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  1. I work for a college lecturing Public Services, having been medically discharged from the Regulars and serving 5 years TA.

    The week has been brightened by the joy of being force-moved from one staffroom to another (panic management in response to an impending health and safety inspection).

    My day today was brightened particularly by the following conversation at 1300hrs:

    Tutor 1 - XY would you mind clearing your second desk as I cant get my stuff onto the desk, and into the drawers.

    Tutor XY - well, Im teaching for 3 hours this afternoon, and have an hour lecture tomorrow morning ... the soonest i can do is Friday

    Tutor 1 - what, really?!

    The jack cnut was the first desk moved, and also first bloke out of the door. He is always late in and early home and is the most selfish barsteward I have met. He only has 3 desks ... what did the other lecture have to moan about?

    Can anyone else beat this singleminded selfishness at work? maybe its just me who thinks 5 minutes of effort for your colleagues is polite?

    Perhaps this is a bone post ... but i feel better for writing it and not gluing everything to his new desk 'rant over'
  2. lecturer not lecture
  3. Sad twat.
  4. During his hectic lecturing schedule you should move his kit for him... somewhere with especially poor access.
  5. Been there got the t-shirt starred in the video, you should know by now that most civvies are 'Jacks.'