A glimpse into my (now civilian) day ...

I work for a college lecturing Public Services, having been medically discharged from the Regulars and serving 5 years TA.

The week has been brightened by the joy of being force-moved from one staffroom to another (panic management in response to an impending health and safety inspection).

My day today was brightened particularly by the following conversation at 1300hrs:

Tutor 1 - XY would you mind clearing your second desk as I cant get my stuff onto the desk, and into the drawers.

Tutor XY - well, Im teaching for 3 hours this afternoon, and have an hour lecture tomorrow morning ... the soonest i can do is Friday

Tutor 1 - what, really?!

The jack cnut was the first desk moved, and also first bloke out of the door. He is always late in and early home and is the most selfish barsteward I have met. He only has 3 desks ... what did the other lecture have to moan about?

Can anyone else beat this singleminded selfishness at work? maybe its just me who thinks 5 minutes of effort for your colleagues is polite?

Perhaps this is a bone post ... but i feel better for writing it and not gluing everything to his new desk 'rant over'

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