A glimpse at future Britain?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. Well our continental friends have been ahead of us on many things, like recycling and many other things i cant be bothered to think of at this time on the morning. But this is down right stupid to the point i want to drown myself in my corn flakes. A complaint to parliament over a bloody kids birthday party :x We're not there yet, but with legal positive discrimination we definitely on the right path.

    Beeb link
  2. One way of stopping the parents inviting massive birthday parties in order to keep up with teh "Jones´" :D
  3. While I'm aware that Sweden has an excellent education system (in terms of Academia, rather than having PC prats for teachers). Can you imagine a teacher doing that in the UK, I think at teh next PTA meeting he would get dragged outside for spending his time being a C*ck ,rather than teaching our education starved children!
  4. Errr...yeah. I can. I reckon that somewhere in this country, this very morning, some teacher is kicking himself/herself for not having thought of that little beauty first.

    Teachers are one 'profession' which are now getting right on my tits. They bring far to much of 'their' brand of politics into schools.
  5. I can remember my mother being approached by the head mistress, an Irish nun, and being commended for inviting the stinking shaven headed kid in my class to my birthday party, despite my protestations that I didn't want him there, this being the same lad who'd hoofed my full on in the stomach and stabbed me in the hand with a pencil. "Very Christian thing to do" she said which I took to be an acknowledgment that she wouldn't have been anywhere near so generous towards the underprivileged tyke.

    Funny, never thought I'd miss nuns as teachers....
  6. I'm sure the government are dispatching a fact finding team as we speak.
  7. Yep, they'll be "listening and learning" (which is more than what the kids in British schools are doing). If Orwell or Huxley had dreamt up this sort of f*ckwittery in a novel they'd have been laughed out of court, but it's really no more than the latest logical progression in the PC lunacy that has overtaken most of the West. No, there's no hope. I need a drink ...
  8. So, we learn the Swedes are stupid fcuking cnuts too then.

    Strange, but I don't get surprised any more but I still get mad. It's just depends at which level of rage I reach whenever I read such a story. OK, I'd have invited these two kids to the party then used them as the donkeys in Pin the Tail using 6" nails and a private game of Cricket Bat Round the Teachers Temple for after jelly and icecream.
  9. A glimpse at future Britain...

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