A glimmer of common sense? Is the tide starting to turn?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skunkmiester, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Student wadicals to wind there neck in lefties student were traditional flag wavers for madness.
    But the federation of conservative students were not above attacking one another with axes or fire bombing a wet:(.
  2. A large number of Islamists and worse were bred in university societies, largely because they were left to do whatever they liked for fear of accusations of racism. It's good to see that the university had the balls to get a grip on this.
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  3. A glimmer of common sense? Is the tide starting to turn?

    Not even close to it.
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  4. Well I for one am outraged.....what were they thinking of.....they'll be selling bacon sandwiches in the Uni canteen next!
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  5. Does anyone happen to know the faceache link for those muslamic flashmob outrage types?
  6. I don't do facebook, it's for sad dipshits. Have you found the link?
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  7. Why do they have to have a prayer room? Do they have one for Christians, Buddhists etc?
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  8. It would appear so

    "The University provides facilities on the main campus to ensure that people have the space to pray and reflect during the working day. Three rooms are designated quiet areas that can be booked out"

    Faith | City University London
  9. City said it acted because students had refused to submit the proposed content of sermons to the university before prayers to check its "appropriateness"..

    Actually, if this is the reason the Uni has acted, the students have a point. Its censorship and the right to freedom of speech still exists - we remain a Democracy.

    If the Uni had said that the students couldn't use the room due to the previous, inflammatory prayer meetings then fair enough.
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  10. It's a tricky one. If the Uni was checking that no laws were being broken in the sermons then the bearded ones are in a tricky wicket. Given the tendancy of some of the darling left's favourite bearded nutters to try and beat each other in the "How many laws I can break in one go" stakes, I'm not surprised that the Uni finally acted, even more so if there is a faint threat of the Uni being sued for permitting such actions to take place on their premises......

    Freedom of speach, including the risk of being offended or insulted is one thing, threatening harm to anybody isn't quite alright.....

  11. In most universities they have a faily substantial chapel which normally serves the Christians. They then have 'quiet' rooms that any denomination or religion may use including Muslims. I would guess if there is a large enough university muslim population that they may have a specifically designated room.

    City isn't the only uni to have problems over prayer rooms. Another uni recently closed a muslim prayer room amongst huge protest that Muslims were being discriminated against etc. The real reason? They had had repeated warnings to stop leaving the place in shite condition, clear away and empty their foot washing bowls and stop leaving the windows open. Sometimes people draw down 'discrimination' on themselves by thinking they can ignore their responsibilities.
  12. Yet when I told them I was a naturist.........
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