A giggle for a hard day at work.

First of all I know this a REME forum but this is worth a giggle. Next time you are in work find a copy of October's Soldier mag. Go to page 90, its the page where they ask soldiers the month's pertinent question. Check out the reply given by the chap in the top centre of the group, double barrel name. If this doesn't make you giggle, don't know what will. :lol: Obviously the editor doesn't think like a REME tradesman or this would nevetr have made print 8) . Responses pse.
I've got a mate called Armstrong who would have loved to have been in that hot sweaty snatch wee tiff!
Send the comment over thePM means pls ;-)
ok, for the slow ones in the class....what was the comment?
The blokes were asked for their tips on keeping cool in the desesert and the comment went something like this, " when I move from my air conditioned ops room to a hot, sweaty snatch...." Obviously talking about Snatch rovers....NOT IN MY MIND!!!! Giggle.

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