A giant in the sky


I share with you this extensive and fantastic collection of photos of one of the largest aircraft designed and built during World War II and operated by the Luftwaffe, including detailed photos and some rare color photos. Curious? Want to know which plane we talking about? Then visit the link below and see this amazing collection of photos:

Aviação em Floripa: Um gigante nos céus

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Feck me, probably not a popular posting for aircrew:

"On 22 April 1943, a formation of 27 fully loaded Me 323s was being escorted across the Sicilian Straits by Bf 109s of JG 27 when it was intercepted by seven squadrons of Spitfires and P-40s. Twenty one of the Me 323s were lost while [4] three of the P-40s were shot down by the escorts."
The Afrika Korps surrendered on 13th May 1943. ISTR they used Me 323s in a desperate effort to get supplies from Italy. It seems that plan didn't work very well.

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