A Gentleman of the road.

There's charities supplying the " homeless" with tents, clothing, duvets, and they even have hot food delivered to their tents. The public are giving them M&S food, and Costa Coffees.

Its a total surprise that the number is growing, what could be causing it ?
Yet 6 years ago M@S stopped giving them DEF food in case they got a dose of the Robbie Wrights...
After the last incident involving a 'homeless' man at Manchester, I would be leery of any found fumbling with the bodies of terror victims. Surely the best way to avoid attention would be for SF to dress up as PCSOs, although the padding could get hot.
Much better idea. I'm sure even Them could eventually abandon padding in favour of natural bioprene if they intensively train with Greggs and bimbling at 2mph.

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