A gentle jog round The Factory ?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Goatman, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Lead me to it !

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  2. Rather chew my own arm off (shudder)

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  3. Black daps and a string vest okay ?

  4. 10K ? Tchah, do it in CEFO then go for a doner mit Suzuki!

  5. My knees/back/ankles/perineum ....alas....good luck


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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    SiS Sandhurst Poppy Hill Trail 10km

    10:15am, Sunday 15 October 2006
    Sandhurst Miltary Academy, Kings Ride, Camberley

    Event Profile
    Distance: 10km
    Surface: Trail
    Route: Multiple laps
    Setting: Rural
    Profile: Hilly
    Traffic free? Yes
    Last year's entry: New Event
    Water stations: Every 5km
    Distance markers: Every Km
    Awards/mementos: Medal, Winners' prizes, SiS Nutritionl products
    Venue facilities: Toilets, Onsite parking, Refreshments, Supervised bag storage
    Organiser's notes: A brilliant run through protected forest and heathland registered as an 'Area of Special Scientific Interest’ by English Nature. This is a beautiful, but hilly run on good forest trails through military land that is not usually open to the public. It’s hilly, but it’s very runnable rather than an out-and-out adventure race. The official charity of the event is The Children’s Trust Tadworth. There is a seperate 3km Family Fun Run at £7.50 per runner including all features except Championchip timing. Entry for for the fun run is available at www.209events.com
    Entry Information
    Cheques payable to: 2:09 Events Ltd
    On-the-day entry: No
    Entries in advance: Yes
    Postal closing date: Monday 9 October 2006
    Limit: 1000 competitors
    Event website: http://www.209events.com
    Entry form(s): Available from race website and by post
    or universal entry form (PDF-72K)

    Entries in advance only
    Normal Entries £13.00 affiliated £15.00 unaffiliated
    Event Organiser Details
    Contact: Mike Gratton, Director, 2:09 Events
    Address: Events House
    40 Camp Road
    North camp
    GU14 6EP
    Day telephone: 0870 3500 209
    Mobile: 07921 783613
    Email: mike@209events.com

    If anyone fancies doing this as a sponsored event for Combat Stress please contact me or Rosie Gibbons/Charlotte French at the Fundraising Dept:

    Telephone Number: 01372 841621


    Le Chevre
  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Well, I got round in a wheezy 57 mins - which in view of some of the hills on this course I'm not too unhappy with.

    Winner got round in ( Jeez) 35 mins.

    For those of you with bad backs/knees/perinea - today i'm feeling 100% sympathy !

    About 50 metres of tarmac - the rest gravel tracks and forest footpath through dark woodland. Running over sweet chestnuts rather than pine cones but all same same going :-D

    Very well run event and by no means oversubscribed ( 3 other races in the area on the same day apparentely)

    Little dit from the 2:09 website:
    If they run it again next year I'll see if I can get a few ARRSERs to do it as a charity fing.

    ( I bet Cait could beat that First Female winning time - wouldn't want to do this race in January though ! )

    Lee Shaver