A Gem of a Find - Part 1

Not too sure where to place this vid, so Aussie it'll be. Mods do what you will with it. There is plenty of 'that' rifle porn.

A mate just put me onto an oldie but at the time a bit controversal due to PERSEC. It's part 1 of ? parts....some of the entire film/vid is missing. Anyway, without further adiu I give you:

**** knows where the other parts 2 & 3 are. Aaaaaah memories.

Nice find.
SLRs, greens, bushats and the Ho Chi Minh shuffle with a darb hangin' out your gob.
They even ran with GPs on!
It's like there was no OHS.

Now you can't wear a beret because you might get sunburn (unless your SAS - those men don't burn).
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