A Gazelle has just landed on my sports pitch. Why anyone?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Chalky, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. A Gazelle has just landed on the University of Essex cricket pitch, powered up and down twice and has now finally buggered off.

    This doesn't usually happen, as far as I've noticed anyway, and I was wondering if anyone could shed light on it?

    Is the entire AAC going to be descending on our cricket pitch from now on? Do they want tea and sandwiches, or maybe a pint in the SU bar?

    Any guesses?
  2. Pizza Delivery?
  3. That WAS the entire AAC, chalky.
  4. Chalky

    Just give Wattisham Ops a buzz and ask. I'm sure it will have been properly authorised......
  5. On a Sunday, it may be the chaps from Nethers. Either that or someones nicked it.
  6. Cover the whole cricket pitch with long sharpened staves set at 2m intervals.

    That'll learn em if they try it again.
  7. Don't worry, a Gazelle is only a small one, they may send a big bugger next time. That may endanger the wigs of the faculty staff, if they are anywhere to be seen on a Sunday that is.
  8. String steel wire rope between high points around the pitch,litter bin liners about the area,Cover a Mk VII Atk mine with "scrapyard confetti" and command detonate it when they arrive.

    You too can have fun with "AHOOs
  9. You know it's going to be a productive week if they manage to get in by wednesday. Weekends are a no hoper.
  10. Was there anything hanging off it? Loose rotor blade or maybe a skid hanging at a 45 degree angle? Sounds like 657. Or was the pilot(s) drinking cans of lager (664?).
  11. Was the pilot about 14 yrs of age and wearing a white track suit, baseball cap and bling? Was there a yellow handled screwdriver just visible, hanging out of anything what could very loosely resemble an ignition. Were there three other similarly dressed 'youthes' in the back?

    Netheravon Chavs..........steal anything.
  12. Could have been the Upavon Massive on a day out!
  13. "A Gazelle has just landed on my sports pitch. Why anyone?" - well, why not?
  14. Essex has a University?
    What is the world coming to?
  15. Aye, these past fourty years, English.

    ERII visited last year to celebrate.

    I got a wave.