Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Berlin_104s, May 9, 2007.

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  1. I know that JPA related stuff is being done to death here, but the advice given in this forum is a lot more useful than that coming out of JPAC!

    My question is this: how do you submit a preference of assignment (posting) on JPA, when your request doesn't fit into the parameters as defined by the system? I am a BOWMAN System Manager currently employed on Regimental Duty within my Corps. However, for my next posting I should like an E2 job at either BOWTAT or BOWMAN System Support Team, both of which are managed by the Information Systems Stream. But none of these terms appear to be recognised by JPA when requesting a preference posting.

    I should not like to miss out on a good career opportunity simply because JPA seems unable to deal with me as an individual in this area. I have previously submitted this request in writing but as we are now moving away from paper I would feel more comfortable if it were on JPA as well.

    Trust me to request my first ever preference posting at this time!

    Many thanks in advance to anyone who knows the answer.

  2. Well Berlin, I had the same sort of problem, You can not pick units or appointments just areas, however at the bottom of the page the are free text boxes, this is where you place your request, i,e 1st choice UK - Bowman master in Corsham
    2nd choice German - 7 Sigs

    and so on, this is how I did mine, I hope this helps you, or just get your boos to ring Glasgow.
  3. Cheers Slackarse :D
  4. It a bit of the JPA interface that i think they have done quite badly. They whole search using a wildcard (%) signs at the end of your search paramaters is bone - its all just a little messy.

    Could have been done with a series of boxes - first one location - click on a location, second box displays a list of units associated with it - click on a unit, all appointments available in that unit appear in the third box. Could have also, quite easily, been tailored to only display appointments pertinent to your rank and quals and the next rank above.

    I still havent worked out whether we should be filling in the appointments part or the preferences part. Rang the HR bloke who simply said "dont know, fill in both".
  5. I understand your worries about JPA, but please don't feel that BSST or BOWTAT are a good career move. BOWTAT's are folding in early 2008 and you are better placed within a unit if you need hands on the kit. My experience with the BSST is that they bluff their way through most things.

    I'd look elsewhere, as i did and was promoted soon after my appointment.
  6. My advice is to contact your appointer / assignment officer to see if there is an electronic form to send by Email via your Line Manger. We use one int he Navy which weas not very well advertised and does not indicate if it is Tri-Service or not. However your appointer would clarify this and if we use the same form, let me know and I will attach this in a reply.

    Hope this helps.