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A funny thing happened in the Workhouse today.

A new chappie started work with us a few months ago and is generally ok as blokes go. Today however was a bit of an eyeopener. We build Ambulance bodies using a very strong glue to weld the inner and out skins together, this is then left to cure under heat for a couple of hours.
This morning new chap was sitting at his bench having a brew, and did not see one of the lads come into the shop and turn on the heater above his work station.
Now these things have a 20 second delay from initial switch on to the heater igniting and bursting into flames.
New chap saw lad coming down shop (who was doing a mental countdown) and on reaching his station lad put his arms up and clapped 3 times, yep, to the amazement of new chap the heater came to life on the third clap.
"How do you do that" new chap asked
"Why simply clap your hands and it will ignite, as they are sound activated by a hand clap" says lad.
By this time a few of us had woke up to what had happened and joined the fun, one went to the control board and began to switch on heaters on cue.
New chap decides to have a go and starts clapping like a looney to ignite his heater, Your too fekkin short observes one onlooker, stand on the bench and try again. New chap complies and climbs up to gain a bit of height and starts clapping.
See the black box on the left says a dissembodied voice, that's where the sound is picked, up clap harder.
New chap is chuffed to fcuk when his heater finally ignites, climbs off bench and carries on having his brew.
A couple of hours later he comes into the shop after a visitation to our other factory over the road, you bunch of cnuts he says to all and sundry. When asked what was gripping his colon he told us that as soon as he walked into the section over the road they all started clapping at the heaters and pissed them selves laughing, thats when the penny dropped.
"I can.t believe I fell for that" says new chap.
No mate neither could we but I swear I heard a MUAHHAHAHAHA echo softly around the building, Mind you, you had to be there to appreciate the the whole thing, it was fekkin funny.

Anyone else have any similar experience of an off the cuff wind up that produced a lot of mirth at work?

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