A funny thing happen to a Sinn Fein MLA

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ford164, May 13, 2009.

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  1. :D Bogside MLA's home petrol bombed

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    Sinn Féin MLA Mitchel McLaughlin has described a petrol bomb attack on his car as "attempted murder."

    At least three petrol bombs were thrown at Assembly man's home on Blutcher street in the Bogside shortly after 1.00am on Monday morning. Another petrol bomb was also thrown at his car which was parked nearby. It is the third time in the last month that his home has been attacked with dissident republicans believed to be behind the incidents.

    Mr McLaughln, his wife, and their son were at home at the time of the attack and managed to escape unharmed when neighbours raised the alarm.
    Condemning the attack, the Sinn Féin man said; "Once more cowards came in the dark of night and attacked my home in an attempt to intimidate me and my family. The difference this time was that they attempted to set my home on fire with petrol bombs with no regard for anyone who was in the house at the time. This is attempted murder and there is no other way to describe it," he said.

    Mr McLaughlin also challenged those responsible to meet him to explain their actions. "To those individuals who are responsible I would say, 'if you have some difference with me have the courage to confront me face-to-face'. Your actions are those of the most cowardly and will not intimidate me or deflect me from the course I am on," he said.

    The full article contains 248 words and appears in n/a newspaper.
  2. Oh I thought you used to call it the act of brave freedom fighters when your lot did the exact same thing, Mitchel McLaughlin :roll:

    Pity you got out. :x
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    So Ford164, where exactly were you on Monday about 1am? :twisted:
  4. Chirst you got me I was doing a taxi run to Donegal to get cheap petrol. Justice on a budget :oops:
  5. Oh I thought you used to call it the act of brave freedom fighters when your lot did the exact same thing, Mitchel McLaughlin

    Pity you got out.
    Ya lets lock the doors next time
  6. Its typical of their hyprocisy
  7. Hypocrisy? They don't know the meaning of it. Time to turn around the old slogan painted on many a wall years ago? "Join Sinn Fein and come home to a........." :twisted:
  8. Not really funny at all. If you are from this region, last thing you want to see is a reignition of the Troubles.
  9. Fixed that for you. :twisted:
  10. Brandy,
    "Reignition" ? Very good,I see what you did there!
  11. I'm from his home town I think it a case of you reap what you sow. Feck him :D
  12. It appears that this is another instance of RIRA throwing their weight around in LDY. They burnt a Sinn Fein office a couple of weeks ago as well.
  13. Agitating for a restart of the Troubles at this time is irresponsible, and surely many who would be hurt/maimed/killed if it did happen are hardly those who deserve it. :roll: Still, I have no doubt that the members of Óglaigh na hÉireann and such will be used and then crushed.
  14. Nobody wants to see it all start again but it never ceases to amaze me how tw@ts like this can condone such behaviour on others then cry "boo-hoo" when it happens to them.

    Too fukcing bad. It looks good on any of the people who caused or actively supported terrorism.

    As Ford says, "Feck him"
  15. I'm not looking for the Troubles to restart.It,s just I think it a bit rich that SF are crying about their home being firebombed when they use to do it themself.OPPO right they are tw@t