A fun pass time.

323.4 Best to pick a point on the fall depending on your reaction speed.
Best angle seems around 30 anything higher don't slide far and 45 sticks straight in.
Perhaps your button finger slipped from the pitch while you were self loving at 5000 ft :wink: This of course is well know in the medical world; collectively all AAC are known as w anker's..a condition I am sure your aware of :D
Well paid, handsome w ankers you mean? Penis envy is the highest form of compliment LWM.

And that from a scab lifter!
Your right of course ...flashy those of us lucky enough to have a penis are to be envied...........but then again those natty blue berets you guys wear must at least help you to talk to women outside of your immediate gene pool..and who knows there may be a pilot born without 2 dicks one day 8O although the one on his head saves you having to look at his arm or engage him in 30 seconds of conversation :twisted:
Flash......you have obviously noted me as being of above average intelligence ( you clever boy) under achiever no..... :D and as for the alluding to those that are :?: MDN says your not :twisted:
Mdn is a rivet checker and serves no purpose to anything other than mammal frotting.

I note you as above average intelligence compared to a disabled, lobotomised homeless person who enjoys poking cans of McEwans up his hoop in exchange for a shiny sixpence. Other than that, you're slightly more interesting than the contents of me Y fronts after a month on Menu B whilst monging it on Otterburn. :lol:
Your on Otterburn :roll: :?: Without doubt, a navigational error caused by your involuntarilly sh.itting your pants then looking at the stain on the leather seats when you found you had to fly in anything other than sunshine for a diastance of 500 miles :D and the possibility of a customs check 8O
Ah, you mistake me for a crab pilot, LWM. If you had ever been anywhere near the sharp end you would know the difference.
I'll bet a days flying pay the only time youve seen an AAC aircraft is when it was at an airshow in Blighty (I'll bet you even told the civvies you were a pilot just so you could sound moderalty important). :lol:
Now thats where your wrong.........god blessed me with an intact anal sphincter the day i left 1aac.....much though i was desired .i fought em all off .though i confess the pilots were 8) :oops: kind of cute
You are right. Any one who wears white socks and a clip on dickie as mess kit is nothing more than a council estate yob. Pretty much sums up crap pilots.

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