A friends daughter wants to leave the army

After just over a year she has become disolusioned with the army and no longer feels its for her. What does she do? My friend is willing to "buy" his daughter out but asked me if I knew anthing about it. Sadly I dont have any uptodate knowlege on the subject.

He only found out very recently that his daughter had decided enough was enough, she may well be posted to Iraq soon, so I dont know if that could make her leaving more difficult?

I expect things may have changed since we were in (late 1980 - early 1990s), does anyone have any first hand knowlege they could share?

Does anyone know the standard steps to be taken & have any idea of the cost?

Thanks in advance for any help given.
She signed for a minimum of 3 years so I doubt very much wether she can buy herself out.
You cannot pay out anymore unless you joined before '93 I think, I joined in '97 and I wasn't allowed to. The only way out to the best of my knowledge is through some sort of admin discharge. Getting caught on CDT is the main reason for this but then future employment chances are hindered. I knew a lad who went AWOL and the OC applied for him to be discharged under services no longer required but that was a one off. I personally would get some advice from either Army welfare service or the Padre, people often dont realise how influential Padre's are, they hold a lot of weight within units.
I would say what I say to anyone in this situation - wait and see. After just a year it is very easy to become disillusioned, after all it's a big transition from civilian to soldier, and one which most serving soldiers can sympathetically relate to. It could also be rank related, as she may not like being bottom of the food chain. Even if she signs off now, she will still have the best part of a year to soldier on, after which she may find herself starting to enjoy it.
Doubt she can get out earlier than 3 years, unless fails a drugs test. Tell her soldier on and give it a go.
Is your mate ex army??? Somebody needs to be having a few choice words with her. Nobody had sympathy for my Old man when he wanted to get out. He stuck with it got sent to BFG and Loved it. Stayed in for years. She has probably got bored of being stuck in Catterick and recieving fat arrse jokes. She'll cope!
Isnt it a minimum of 4 years being able to sign off at three serving a years notice so in effect doing 4 years??
Firstly, she is on an Open Engagement (came into effect Jan 1991), therefore, she has no PVR eligiablity and canno't "buy herself out" she must do a minimum engagement of 4 years, she can sign off (give her 12 months notice) at the 3 year point, is she under 18.5 years old, if so she could be within her DAOR (Discharge as of right) point, between 18 and 18.5 years of age she can have her parants write a letter to her CO stating that little Jenny is unhappy with service life and you, the parants, would like her discharged, (admin discharge that carries no stigma), once the DAOR point has been passed she's stuck unless she gets another job in the Public Sector i.e. police force, ambulance service etc, even then the application must go to a special PVR board at APC Glasgow (only 3 per year) to decide, Queens Regs refers, if she has been warned off for Op's she will be restricted, she can still sign off (as most Op Tours are 6 - 7 months in duration) but she will be unable to discharge during the Op Tour, this will/should have been published in her unit Part One Orders, I sugest that she now talks to her C of C.
Ronnie8781 said:
Isnt it a minimum of 4 years being able to sign off at three serving a years notice so in effect doing 4 years??
Correct. It is. Changed in 2000.
Thanks to everyone for their help. I am seeing him tonight for a few jars, so will let him know. I have printed the info posted out for him to read through. I know he is under 20, so maybe he could write a letter and get a solicitor involved so the letter has some legal weight (that's if she is still of the right age for this to be done). It's worth a try.

We enjoyed our time in the RAR but those were different times when we followed British foreign policy rather than American.

I thought I'd heard that the rules had changed on leaving, but had no real info to give him and I hate to mislead with dis-information especially were a mans family is concerned. If I dont know something I am the first to say I dont know, but I will try and find out. :D
Sorry, she is overage for that option, looks like she must soldier on or go out for another reason (Admin (including discipine), Medical etc), One more option I can think off, there is a department at Land called DM(A), the Directorate of Manning (Army), there is an RO2/3 that works there who deals with discharge authorities for soldiers, if her unit is willing to support a case directed to them, and they support it, this could be one more option.
Appoligies I read wrong thought you said over 20, anyway, like I said if she is over 18.5 then she has passed her DAOR and Parant Letter Writting Point.
AnglianGuard said:
....so maybe he could write a letter and get a solicitor involved so the letter has some legal weight (that's if she is still of the right age for this to be done). It's worth a try.

Why? It would certainly annoy the hell out of me if I received a heavyweight letter from a solicitor saying that Pte Bloggs should be allowed to leave at once. I would take great delight in composing a short, sharp response to the leech... no bias, at all. :lol:

If she has been warned for ops, she can sign off, but will still deploy and will be allowed to leave once she has completed 4 year's service.

If she wants to leave before her 4 year's service is up, she has to decide what she wants to do and why she wants to do that. If that no longer involves the Army, she can discuss it with the Padre and the RCMO, and make a case to the CO, who will pass it up the chain. If the CoC agrees, she will be released. However, she has to be aware that her testimonial might state that the reason for her dismissal from the Army was for ...... and that might not look good on her CV! Even SNLR might not look good!

Alternatively, she could apply for a transfer to another job, or a posting. The Army prefers to try that, rather than lose the soldier.


Agreed, however,

Her Testimonial (AF B 108 X) would read "Released from Army Service" as opposed to "Services no Longer Required" as there is no attributable fault to the soldier, this Paragraph carries no stigma on discharge, Queens Regs Para 9.414 refers. DM(A), RO3 Discharges, would make the decision in a SPECIAL discharge case, if C of C supports this.
AnglianGuard said:
After just over a year she has become disolusioned with the army and no longer feels its for her...

...she may well be posted to Iraq soon...

:roll: :roll:

what makes me think that we might be seeing someone getting pregnant very soon!
Queens Regulations for the Army Para 9.414 c reads "Although discharge under this paragraph does not carry ant stigma a commanding officer is to remember that its application may cause a soldier to be discharged without being given the opportunity to defend him/herself against any inplied reflection on his/her character, conduct, or standing in the Service. Potential civilian employers tend to regard soldiers discharged under this paragraph with some reservation. For that reason: (1) Where no fault is attributable to the soldier the cause of discharge is to be recorded as "Released from Army Service", in other circumstances the phrase "Services no longer required" may be amplified, where this will benefit the soldier concerned, provided the words used in amplification are not the same words used to describe any other cause of discharge".
Well she should stick it out a bit longer, she might have had a bad couple of weeks and her DADDY noticed she was a bit down and she said BLAH BLAH BLAH, and DADDY wants his little girl home safe and sound. :D Like an ealier post said once she gets a better posting she might enjoy it. If it was easy to get out then half the youg lads/girls would leave!!!! I hear it all the time i had a better job in civvi street more money etc etc.

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