A Friends Career. Advice please.


Ladies and Gents,

I'm after a little advice for my mate's daughter who's looking to become a CMT (Apprentice Route, if that's what it's still called), having passed all the usual tests she was offered a place at Harrogate (I think) in January.

However the recruiting types have today said that she'll have to wait until the next adult entry in July or go for Chef in the RLC.

Now then, speaking as an ex-scaleyback, I don't know much about todays recruiting and alot of the options open or terms used, so I can only offer a limited amount of advice.

So then, she really likes the sound of CMT ( I remember it being Carry More Tentage) but also put down Chef as a choice, just coz' they offered it to her. She's been advised by the ACIO to go Chef and transfer at a later date.

My feeling is that if she desperately wants in then go for Chef (I've a vague notion about Civilian qual possibilities) as they're clearly short and would snap her up, so to speak. Don't take this the wrong way, but I would say the CMT isn't quite what the recruiting poster says it is. As for transferring, not an immediate or easy option (experience speaking here).

So, please correct me on any glaring errors and let me know your thoughts on balancing the two up, is CMT higher band by the way?

Oh, by all means banter away but don't suggest a Civvie route, IMHO the army needs enthusiastic recruits.

Thanking you.


If she is interested in the health care side of the armed forces then perhaps suggest that she apply to become a healthcare assistant or Student Nurse (qualifications permitting) which will then give her the experience necessary for the career choice within which she ultimately would like to be employed.

I would personally tell her to get a job until July (perhaps something that will give her experience in healthcare such as a care assistant or even in an emergency services call centre) and then hound her AFCO with regards to becoming a CMT and the opportunity for an opening being made available earlier than has been quoted.
My 20 years of experience suggests many similarities anyway - primarily:

Both fcuk around with knives and instruments with the best intentions but what results is not what was intended... :D

But seriously:

If she has been told that she has to wait for adult entry then she is probably too old for the next Junior entry (same happened to me when i joined up).

If her heart is set on CMT then Klepto's advice is good - get a job and some civvy experience in the interrim.

but FFS do NOT take the advice of "go as chef and transfer later" - that translates to "you've now hit my recruiting figures and are someone elses problem".

Transferring is not as simple as "but the recruiter told me" and the ACIO should know better.........

In fact, report the w4nker who gave this pearler of advice to his boss.

Best of luck to her anyway :wink:
The Chef route is ok for pay - they are higher band all the way, but as for civi quals they are NVQ's, industry standard for Not Very Qualified. Its also a sh1t job with no thanks (I did it for 11 years before transfering to the RAMC). CMT is lower band pay, and there are differing opinions as to how good the job is. Has she thought about any other options in the medical profession, such as Nursing ect? There are plenty of trades as oposed to just CMT in the RAMC so its worth having a look about.
If she wants to be a CMT then she should wait.

The Chef route, if it is a second choice, is obviously being pushed by the AAFCO. Like you say the transfer at a later date option is a no brainer.

If she wants to be CMT, maybe she could join or gain experience from a club or work. Red Cross or St Johns for example.
If she has been offered a place in Harrogate then she should take it. It is very easy for them to transfer to different trades whislst they are there anyway. They spend over a year there and do not badge into any specific Corp or Regt until they have settled. Sorry I cannot remember time frames.

She should not go into adult training unless she is sure of the Corps and CEG she wishes to pursue. It can take along time to transfer and depends on how good individual RCMOs and how will co individual Officers are in helping the soldier wishing to transfer. on average you are looking at a period of 6 to 12 months.

CMT's are will most probably go onto the higher pay band from Apr this year (07). If not then it will occur in 2008. As for qualifications 5 GCSE's grade C and above to become a nurse. HCA is a crap job and she will end up being abused in a NHS hospital.

If you plan to make a career out of being a CMT, I would say unlike alot of the haters on this site that you get out of it what you put in. The path to becomeing a paramedic is now open as well as a career in primary healthcare. There will always be mundane jobs to do whatever part of the Army she chooses to join.

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