A friend of mine sings "Arms of the angel" for our fallen troops, see movie here

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sammie99, May 19, 2011.

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  1. A friend of mine whistles 'The Crying Game' every time he sees one of your threads. He also gargles with bleach and rocks back and fro, quietly sobbing.
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  2. must of had a date with you by the looks of your signature :p
  3. Nice song and vid, shame the first image in the vid was Arlington Cemetery which is nothing to do with British soldiers.
  4. Does your friend take it up the hoop?
  5. OI thats bang out of order, theres a lady in this thread, you should be asking if she takes it up the hoop
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  6. Where?

    You not seen the Crying Game I take it?
  7. She's from Southampton, of course she takes it up the bloody hoop, EVERYBODY in Saaath 'Aaamptun takes it up the hoop
  8. Pebbles and Mrrandom,

    I think you should both step outside and fight for Sammies honour.

    Winner gets to suck HIS cock.
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  9. Sammie did a Legs, all paid for by the British Taxpayer.
  10. It's a lovely thought, but it's for H4H how?? I see no reference to H4H, only self promotion and a plug for an X Factor appearance, all accompanied by emotive pictures of dead soldiers being carried by their friends! Mostly American!
  11. Is that you in your avatar?
  12. so the PMs asking for clunge piccies are a tad pointless :-(
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  13. Baccy pouch?
  14. don't smoke but thanks for the kind offer
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