A fool and his money; the US $790 poncho.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Vastatio, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. It does the same job as a poncho, but does the retailer really expect to sell any of these? Would anyone buy one at even half that price? Outdoor Research Wallcreeper Cover

    A pair of gloves for only $156! Bargain!

    To complete Sir's ensemble; Crye Blast Belt
  2. It doesn't say what size plasma TV is included to make the place feel more homely.
  3. Hilltrek stuff lasts for ever..and I really do mean for ever. There Ventile material is about as thorn/barbed wire proof as you can get in a material...plus it is guarenteed for life.

    They are in the next village to me and I have quite a bit of there stuff (and the Paramo gear they sell/make). Local keepers swear by the stuff.
  4. Yes, I was thinking about their Braemar shirt this morning, trying to justify buying one, or two...I've had too many bad experiences with goretex, which is over-rated, IMHO.
  5. What the **** is it made of, Princess Di's pubes?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Close. It's made from the top 10% in terms of quality of cotton. It is very, very closely weaved, so it's windproof, tough, and when it rains the fibres absorb the moisture, expand and thus close the weave to water ingress - in simple terms, it's breatheable and rain makes it water resistant.

    Coming from the 10% of the best cotton fibres, it's also very expensive, and you can't buy it in small quantities to make clothes with, so the smaller manufacturers of clothes don't get the scale of economies to make the garments cheaper. Scuse pun, but it's sewn up by 'Ventile'.

    If you find one of the old Ventile Smocks that was issued to SF and other units 20 to 30 odd years ago, they are worth a king's ransom.
  7. I had an survival aids ventile smock great waterproof just did'nt hold dye very well
  8. Go for the Foinaven Analogy smock...you wont get better for a tough, waterproof smock. Ventile on the outside, Analogy on the inside. Made to measure too, and customisable.

    I actually use the Paramo Velez and Velez Light Adventure smocks. Lighter and more flexible, but not as torn proof as the Ventile stuff.

    I ahve been borrowing a Dee Wading Jacket which is also a Ventile, analogy mix...so far its been outstanding and as the weather starts to cool off it is nice and warm too.
  9. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Buy Online - The classic bivi designed for minimalist backpacking use, using a Gore-Tex FLO2 upper for greater comfort and features a Waterbloc ground sheet for extra durability.

    About a dozen of us had these on H11. Without a shadow of a doubt, the single best piece of kit I ever, ever bought.

    You didn't have to bother with the pegs if you didn't want to, or even the half moon poles.

    Raining? *zzzzzip*
    Howling a gale? *zzzzzip*
    Freezing cold? *zzzzip*

    I remember opening it one morning, and it had been pissing down aaaallll night long... Peeked out and saw so many guys sleeping in puddles, their kit drenched, dossbags flooded out... Not much you can do with just ponchos when the rain is coming at you from all angles. How us in the Jack Bivvy Club laughed. :)

    It's breathable and waterproof, light as a feather and very, very durable and tough.

    Highly recommend it.
  10. Cracking Idea Grommit BUT get the Dutch issue one at half the price...
    Genuine Army Surplus - Dutch Military DPM Hooped Bivvie
  11. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Had a look at a few other sites selling that with a bit more detail. It looks like a very good bit of kit, but the TerraNova one has got more features and due to the front entrance, it means you can sit there with the door open and not have water pissing in. Plus the TN ones are just so much sexier. :)
    My one never made it back anyway, it went walkies towards the end of tour, so I've stuck a claim in for it. Woo! :)
  12. My server seems to be U/S ATM, but will check later, sounds very interesting, Mr B.

    Aha! Linky worky now. Looks impervious all right. I hadn't realised you could use it without the hardware, which would be just like a stardard bivi, except much roomier, while still having the 'tent' option as well.
  13. I take it it's proof to at least 20 Megatons and JDAMs will just bounce off?