A fond farewell to the RGJ; a warm welcome to The Rifles!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Squaddie-Author, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. A fond farewell to the RGJ; a warm welcome to The Rifles!

    Today is a day for much sadness and joy. Sadness because we see a much beloved regiment marching off into the annals of history; joyous because we see a new and emboldened regiment rising to take its place.

    The men of The Rifles will be standing on the shoulders of giants, and their inherent fighting power, bequeathed to them by generations of Royal Green Jackets, will ensure a bright and shining future.

    We are returning to our ancestral routes, resurrecting our original name and embracing a legendary history – that of The Riflemen!

    The Rifles will cherish their Green Jacket history and jealously guard its sacred traditions, but at the same time they will look to the future ‘over the hill and far away’. They have much to look forward too:

    · The largest Infantry regiment in the British Army – 5 regular battalions!

    · The unique ‘Rifles’ ethos, spirit and identity.

    · An entire battalion placed in the prestigious and much-coveted ‘Commando role’ – and as such, the promise of a major role in frontline operations.

    · The chance, nay almost virtual certainty, that because of The Rifles unique role and large ‘regimental footprint’, we will attract the Army’s very best recruits – those who want to prove themselves.

    Wishing every success to The Rifles – Britain’s largest Infantry regiment.

    Steven McLaughlin,
    Royal Green Jackets Rifleman

    Author of Squaddie – a soldier’s story

    Celer et Audax
    ‘Swift and Bold’
  2. Nice little plug for your book there mate.

    Well done.
  3. Well said that man.

    Possibly one of the most painless amalgamations in recent history and largely due to the fact (I believe) it was planned by the individual regiments themselves after accepting that such an amalgamation was bound to happen so better to plan for the future.

    In the tradition of the Light Division, forward thinking.
  4. Are you an Author by any chance ???
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  6. sad and at the same time elated - the Rifles will become the premier British infantry regiment in the years to come. Sad that we have lost so many regiments to get where we are