A fine Dark Pair - Pilgrims Dark Beer - 22 SAS

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by 570mils, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. I have a fine pair of PILGRIMS DARK Beer as can bee seen in the photo below.


    Slightly blurred but front reads:


    "We are the pilgrims, master; we shall go always a little further"

    On the reverse:

    22 SAS Capbadge and Regimental Name

    I am offering these for auction with ALL proceeds toward Help4Heroes.

    I believe they are only generally available from two very select drinking establishments in the Welsh Borders areas.

    I am unlikely ever to drink them or really appreciate them for being beer but I am sure someone here can. I would rather they did some good for someone else.

    I shall keep the bidding open until 2200 hrs on the 01 Feb 10.

  2. £25.
  3. I have a pub that they can grace the walls of...£20 for openers-no pun intended ;-)
  4. Damn, must type faster £30 then
  5. outstanding bid gloworm.
  6. I must type faster also.
  7. First or second... ;-)
  8. Fingers like pigs t*ts at this end today :-D
  9. First.
  10. I make that £30 to gloworm currently.

    Christ they were quick, is this site viewed by professional alcoholics?

  11. Every last one...especially the Old n Bold ;-)

    The only reason I bought the pub was so I could guarantee myself a lock in ;-)
  12. Gloworm

    If you are close enough I might deliver them in person.

    Whereabouts is this fine drinking establishment?

  13. It would be rude not to make it £35 after all the space I've taken.
  14. Just outside of Richmond, North Yorks any good? ;-)

    Rockpile, make it £50 and I'll split them with you?
  15. £50 is that a bid?

    Richmond, sadly that may have to wait until my next trip North of the Border.

    However,more money is appreciated...........after all there are people who need it's benefit.

    But looks like rockpile at £35 currently