A fil about Bosnia - I have forgotten the title...help!

A few years ago I watched a fictional movie about Bosnia. It was about 2 Bosnian refugees who hated each other, found asylum in the UK and bumped into each other on a london bus, going for each others throats. It also followed a Brit gang member/heroin addict who gets high, falls asleep on a pallet and ends up getting delivered to RAF Lyneham and air dropped into Bosnia, where he uses his heroin as a pain killer in a medicine strapped UN field hospital. It was a very enjoyable, black humoured film, but for the life of me I cannot remember the name. Can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance

It was called "Beautiful People" I remember the bit about the smackhead in the filed hospital ....a bit of an offbeat film ..its been on Ebay a few times for sale

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