A few words for Mr Cameron

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jagman, May 7, 2010.

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  1. Well informed people here on Arrse reckon close colleagues of David Cameron read Arrse quite avidly, so I'm going to be quite shameless and have my say.

    Mr Cameron, it looks very much like you will be our Prime Minister very soon.
    As yet I don't think a great deal of you but the electorate have spoken and it would appear your time has come.
    I did vote for you but only as a lesser of all the available evils.

    When you find yourself sitting in Number 10 please remember you are there to serve this country and its people.
    Kindly earn the the privlidge you have just been given. It is now upto you to prove yourself worthy and help restore this country to what it should be.

    Do not let us down and remember who you now serve (and it isn't your party)
  2. "Sniff, sniff" what kind of sh1t do i smell here?
  3. Give us our democratic say on Europe which was denied us by the previous encumbent.

    There can be no more signing away our sovereignty without the peoples consent.
  4. Additonally you may wish to hire a decent cleaning company to remove the stench from Dowining street. Previous occupant was Scottish and therefore not properly house broken.
  5. No shit.
    People keep saying what is said on Arrse filters to those who have the ear of powerful people.
    What other chance do I/we have to pass comment?
  6. Dear Dave, please use the search tool on here and search for "benefits". Reads those thraeds and realise that we largely represent the public view on scroungers. End this bullsh1t system where it pays to live off the government and not work.

    (and/or implement Taff49's SGDS idea!)
  7. As a teenager I suffered the fallout of the last hung parliament. Self serving tw@ts didn't give a toss then - what's changed? We are a bit more aware of the troughing that goes on but serve the people? I don't think so.

    Spending on defence which seems to get the average arrser wet won't be seen. not on the ground anyway
  8. I'll echo jagman's pov on this, arrsers need to remember this is a 'public' forum used by all not just service personnel & if even a small element of constructive debates filter through to the higher level (no matter if others are cynical or not) then so be it.

    Incoming :roll:
  9. Interestingly enough as I returned from a nice walk in the lakes yesterday, I saw 2 papers in the garage. " large banner headlines:

    One stated Cameron would ruin the country (cuts etc)
    One stated only he could save us from disaster

    I suppose one of them is right
  10. I neither believe nor expect anything I have to say will clean up politics or discourage feeding at the trough.
    But (and it is a big but) the internet now gives a faint chance of making your voice heard. I chose to take that faint chance and start this thread.

    Just maybe we might get politicians with an ethic orientated toward serving their country. We can always hope, however unlikely it may be.
  11. Jagman I take your point and just maybe you can build a runway on the seat of my pants to accommodate all the pigs that will fly out of my arrse before that will ever happen!

    As a bright young schoolboy did you ever think, when I leave school I want to be a :
    Civil Servant
    Soldier - no wait! an MP!

    Hung Parliament? What a good idea - hang the lot of them!
  12. Please sort out the ridiculous benefits system in this country, where a jobless uneducated junkie twat is given free handouts to breed dozens of neglected children who struggle to have as good a life as most, whilst hard working people, soldiers included who earn 20k and under get less help from the state they serve, despite them being taxed so highly to pay for said junkie twat to buy his bread each day. Continue to push the idea of family values to give our kids the best start in life wether they have a single parent or otherwise. In order to secure many more future votes, how about also bringing HM forces pay in line with the other uniformed services as we often go further beyond the line of duty, in harsher conditions for a longer period of time, and in 2010 british soldiers are no longer the thick underclass who couldn't get work elsewhere as many socialists (ie SSP) insult us with this claim at every turn (many of us turned down further education to join up),and finally after watching this PR farce of an election, and as I'm sick of seeing people who are supposed to serve me coming out of backgrounds in life which I have no relation to, I sincerely hope that many of us Arrser inclined will take up the mantle of politics in the future to sort out this country as only ex-servicemen could.
  13. good luck your going to need it
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That one-eyed freak has walked back into No. 10 this morning Mr Cameron. I quite frankly don't care what you do this term beyond ensuring that you remove that cretin from No. 10 as soon as humanly possible. Right now, to me, little else matters.
  15. .....or we may have to do it for you,our way ;-)