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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by shifty18, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. Hello, I have been going through the application process for the last year (paperwork cock-ups on the admin personnels part :x ) , and I have had plenty of time to sit and stew on career prospects. I have narrowed it down to the RE, and down again to Heating and Plumbing or Building and structural engineers. I like the sound of both but would appreciate some input from you to help me in my decision. I also understand that both of these trades would leave me doing plenty of CE work which, If im right is good for me!

  2. Welcome, both will stand you in good stead. But being the trades I was I can't comment on which is the better of the two. I expect Knocker will help to enlighten you, although he will try and get you to become a sparky. :D

    Just don't listen to the pet sprog, Nightrained, he's just full of sh1t. :twisted:
  3. Shifty,
    Welcome and congratulations on a most excellent choice, the CORPS is the best choice and you you have chosen wisely.

    As it says on the tin my trade is/was a blacksmith but i have spent most of my career around the construction trades, either would be a good choice both are always in need and will be usefull in civvie street.

    I am sure you will get some good adice on here.
  4. Thank you for swift replies and straight answers. I look forward to more posts on this page to enlighten me :D
  5. I have been informed today that all my forms are ok and im clear to carry on the selection process. I have to do ADSC and then obviously wait for basic provided I get through. Does anybody know when I can expect to be going to ADSC, and if there are certain Phase 1 intake dates for RE - B&SF? Obviously quite frustrated that it took a year for me to get to this point but it did give me enough time to sort my career choice out and get to a good level of fitness.
  6. plumber - good trade

    bsf - read painter & decorator, not too shabby but seldom used.

    SPARKY on the other hand now theres a trade you can TRUST.

    whatever you choose mate just make sure you enjoy it as time flies by & before you know it you are getting ready to leave.

  7. Plumber would be the best bet. Better qualifications and you also get the Corgi certificate. B & S F is alright but not well utilised on tour etc and the quals are a bit lacking at the mo.

    Knocker is right though, go for Sparky we are desperately short at the moment :wink:
  8. I won't be long, Sapper145 :)
  9. So if I was to choose b&sf would I be involved regularly in combat engineering?
  10. Chances are, Yes.

    If you're not employed doing your trade in say a Support Squadron (There aint many of 'em) there's more of a chance you'll be in a Field Squadron. The Fieldies consist of Field Troops; Troops of blokes dedicated to completing Combat Engineer tasks, be it putting up a Bridge, taking down a Bridge, 'Blowin' Shite up' or other tasks of a 'grafting' nature. Sometimes you'll be given little (or big) B & Sf tasks, but usually your trade will come into use on tour if your Squadron or Troop are given the right sort of job.. maybe a construction tour in Kenya, or Gibraltar, for example.

    I'd go Sparky or Plumber and do a bit of the old B and SF type painting stuff on resettlement when you're getting out years down the line if it floats your boat that much..
  11. If i was to be succesful in all my hopes, and i did become the only Spark in my Unit, would i tend to be paired off to other Units for trade training, or would it mostly focus on what everyone else was doing?
  12. Not really going to be the only sparky in your unit, unless you are unlucky enough to be sent to some Field Ambulance/Hospital unit where you will end up in the clothing store, happy that the bus load of nurses promised from Rinteln never turned up cos they have some right growlers!.
    There are quite a few class 2's out there, though not enough Class 1's, as a Class 1 you will be a very rare beast and busy running around after the Class 2's ensuring that what they have done will not kill anyone.
    Trade training? Whats that then matey??? Your trade training will 99.99% of the time be on the job, and then after spending time shoveling shoite to enable any construction to get to the stage that it requires electrickery inside it :p
    Dont take it as a negative, a sparky is a much needed commodity, however you are also first and foremost a Sapper! :wink:
  13. Ever thought about REME Shipwright ? They are metalsmiths and carpenters plus repairing lots of other materials such as GRP. And they do some pipe-work too.
  14. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    And their career stream promotion prospects are........????
  15. I have just had a chat with the c/sgt down the careers office and told him of my intentions of joining RE. He also showed me some information on formation recce in the household cav and this seemed very interesting. I will have to think wisely here but what do you lot think about this? If i went into RE i would be b&sf.