A few specific questions about Officers in the RMP

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by jackcrichards, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    A few questions regarding RMP officers.

    1. Are RMP Officers issued PPE in order that they can go on patrol with the NCOs?
    2. Are RMP Officers able to do driving courses and CP?
    3. How often could you go out on patrol with the NCOs if you chose to?
    4. How long is the phase 2 officer training at Southwick Park?
    5. Am I going to be bored shitless if I look at RMP officer route? I feel I could have the leadership qualities, but I would want to go out and get the job done as well. Would I be better off joining up as an enlisted man?

    Thank you

    Standing by for inevitable RMP/officer bashing
  3. There is some good stuff written on RMP Officer roles and some of their thoughts on it already in the forums. Give the search engine a crack and see how you go too.
  4. RMP Officers: on work experience until they are a Captain! Yes they get issued exactly the same kit and equip as the NCOs, but rarely go out on patrol as they are not needed. The NCOs have powers to deal with every problem and a baby Officer is not needed to push things through. You will get the odd one who will come out on a specific Op but again the NCOs run the show. The Officers oversee the Platoons as a figurehead, but a SSgt more than likely runs it. If it's excitement you want join the ranks, if you want to push a pen and sign off on other peoples Final Reports and get spammed to go off and give a PP presentation to an infantry unit then become a baby Officer.