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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by error_unknown, Nov 6, 2002.

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  1. Hiya Co Co twins.

    .....more girlies would be nice.....a bit of a COSMO/girl power view of their jobs etc.  What are their views on life, tips for us blokes (at work and play).  A bit like Forces Sweethearts Finance page....but girls speaking to blokes.  Maybe an agony aunt bit.....what to do if a girlfriend runs off with your best mate kind of thing.  I dunno....just a thought.

    Also Squaddies Social.......events, places, bars, strip joints, raves, supper parties, mass orgies etc.........if you have an event, or have had a good night on the pi$$ then tell others.  Therefore, when you have to do an overnight in a town you don't end up wandering around the local trading estate or drinking in the 'Blue Oyster Bar'!

    More crab bating.......its free, easy and so much fun.  They rise every time.  Maybe a CRAB experience board......ranging from being dropped south of the boarder (no...surely not!) to bagging an Air Trafficker (obviously no names!).  Now that C&A have gone bust there may be another marketing opportunity for Co Co Dot.Com industries as apparently the RAF has a multi-million pound white sock order in with ASDA.  ;D
  2. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator


    I don't normally respond with profanity, but...
    **** Off.

    Are you Homosexual?

    There are plenty of places like that all over the net.  This is the ARmy Rumour SErvice!

  3. Hey CGS, get some of that testosterone back in its test tube!!!

    a) there are women in uniform (whether you like that or not is not relevant to this thread) and  they have as much right to be on this site as you

    b) if men want to see more female presence then what right have you to mock them for it (homosexual???!!! I think you need to revisit your dictionary)

    c) some of the best banter on this site has been between the men and the women!

    d) I think a Problem discussion forum would be both useful for the person with the problem and for  everyone else. We're all human (well.....OK....there's the odd one..maybe not  :eek:), most people I suspect have families on the site, and families are crucially important to military welfare and morale - why should it be seen as irrelevant?

    If you don't like the resulting thread, just don't read it.

    I for one think it's a brilliant idea, so come on moderators, get your skates on.
  4. Crab baiting gets my vote every time
  5. Got to agree on the crab baiting, but I think that we can fit that in anywhere.  Re parties etc, see the almost unused Events board.
  6. Hey...CGS...top banter......good start!  Exactly what I mean....the best days at work are those involving good innocent pi$$ taking....sexist....yep......politically incorrect (for 2002)...yep.....but genuinely no harrassment meant.  The best ones involve the girls giving just as good as they get.  

    Obviously you are one of those that suffer from not being able to hold your own with girlie banter at the work place then  ;D :D ;D........