a few quick questions about my application

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by scousadan, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. hello, i went to my AFCO last week and picked up an application

    i have filled out most of it but i need to know do i need to get myself a passport because i dont have one, or will just bringing my NI and birth certificate be enough

    also it says i need to bring gcse certificates in aswell i also dont have these i got sh1te marks anyway haha, im only going into infantry but is this going to be a problem?

    i just want to get this boxed off i cant wait to serve under her magesties finest :D

    so help me out plz
  2. ideally you should have/get a passport, supposing you go to a unit in germany?

    as for your gcse certs you need the originals (judging by your spelling we can see your results)

    have you sat the BARB yet?

    Also just because you didnt do well at school, doesnt mean the infantry is full of ingrates, be careful what you post.

    Supply everything you are told to supply, theres a reason for it.
  3. You don't need your passport now, but you will eventually need it before starting basic training so you might as well look into getting one now.
  4. he didn't say that.

    no qualifications needed for infantry scousadan.
    in fact, when i took the BARB, literacy and numeracy tests some idian bloke did them too... afterwards i overheard the recruiter say to him: "your literacy test was so bad, i can only stick you in the infantry"
  5. no but he posted it in such a way that he has labelled them, mosr CSMs that i know would take offence to such a statement
  6. so in essence - he needs one lol
  7. ok so i need to get a passport, but i do not have the original copys of my results, housefire you see, sorry to ask lyk but what should i do

    and i weren't implying the infantry is full of empty heads, Just saying i know you dont need A levels to become a foot soldier
  8. who mentioned A levels? so u think u will jus be a foot soldier, no recce skills? no mortars? no atk pl etc?

    in such circumstances proff will be needed by the examination board or in exceptional circumstances a letter from your school. lucky your birth cert and ni card survived the fire
  9. I didn't at all haha

    i've got nothing but the upmost respect for them

    so sorry if i offended haha x

  10. the card did it was in me mothers handbag at the time, i had to get a new certificate
    and i've never had a passport because i've been abroad.

    so wind your neck in fella

    only asking a question no need to for that snide remark
  11. Scouse you dont help your yourself either chap.
  12. In todays modern age the infantry need to be of fairly high intellect to get on, that does not mean spelling as "msot poeple cna raed even if wrods are spelt wrong".

    More important is your mathmatical ability, even before you leave training you need to be able to work out GMA and Backbearings etc. This is before you move on to being an MFC in later life. A good infantry soldier will leave CIC with excellent use of IT and a mathmatical knowledge that will allow him to progress on to getting good GCSE results (the foundations will be set). Unit of measure wont get you an A* but its a good start!

    It is amazing to see how much young recruits know without knowing they know it!