A few quetions bout kit


I'm going to basic at lichfield in a few months and recently got my kit list I was wondering are swiming trunks spedos? and what are spot socks? running socks, or football socks? also the list dos'nt mention a tracksuit should I bring one? and can you bring stuff with football badges on it as most of what i own has my fav football team badge on it


I think that should be sport socks ,white ones with the elastic at the top , not to sure about the other stuff ,it was back in the last millenium when I walked through the gates of hell at GIB BKS may be our duty billy (night-trained)will pipe up with more advice as hes just gone through the system :thumright:


thanks for the heads up


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It all depends "what?" team you have on your kit. If it's your local team then probably won't be a problem, but if its Man Utd and you're from Nepal like most Utd supporters then be prepared for a ribbing.

Seriously though, all the kit you need apart fom socks and trunks will be given or sold to you so don't worry to much.

Good luck and welcome to a fine corps.


Im currently at Gib and all through Lichfield I wore nothing but the RE tracksuit you have to buy in week one, so dont bother taking much civvies. As for swimming I wore speedos though most of the lads wore shorts, and as for the socks again you'll be wearing issued socks 99% of the time so I shouldn't worry too much.
I'm at Lichfield now,you wear your pt shorts for swimmimng, u dnt need many sets of civvies, take a few pairs of socks to wear until you get your socks issued.don't take anyhting you don't strictly need. peace out.
Ignore the kit list, just take an iron

You will buy/be issued everything else you need when you get there.

Just passed out of lichfield myself.

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