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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by REHELP, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Hey there i was just wondering about a few things before i joined the RE.
    I really have wanted to join the RE all my life and i was juts wondering about the qualifications i would come away with for later in life back in civi street. I have a gnvq level 2 in engineering ( fitting and maintenance ), but im looking at joining the corp as a electrician or a carpenter or would even consider something like a bricky or plasterer. i was just wondering if i completed these skills would i be able to use them in civi world? would i get any qualifications out of them that are needed to be alowed on builing sites around the uk?
    Also i was just wondering what life is like while in the corp, what the other lads are like? general life really as it is a big decision obviously and i was also just wondering what the training is like and out on operations e.g. afghanistan do you become involved in many fights with the enemy?

    sorry thats abit long n boring to read but i just wanted things clearing up thanks alot.
  2. Hi matey. Don't imagine that when you choose your trade in the Corps that you'll actually get to do it day in, day out. Like most people in the army - at least for the first few years - you'll find yourself operating a broom more often than you use a hammer or a trowel. Combat engineering will be your bread and butter, rather than your artisan trade, so expect wetness and tiredness doing things like building bridges, breaching minefields, setting up water supply points etc etc. As far as ops go, it's the nature of the beast that is the Corps that there will be Royal Engineers employed in the most REMFy HQ posts as well as right on the 'front line' and everywhere in between. You could be combat engineering, building camps, patrolling in the infantry role, part of a search team or boat crew or a million and one other things. An RE Lance Corporal has just won the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross in Afghanistan. In short, it'll be full of variety and there's no reason ever to be bored. Oh, and you get proper civvie quals with which to bluff future employers, even if you haven't touched your trade for 20 years. The lads are a mixed bunch - a few brainboxes, more than a few absolute maniacs but generally the same kind of crowd you'd find on a civvie building site (including the paddies but minus the albanians). Hope that helps.
  3. Sorry, serving with the Sappers won't grant you Polish or other eastern European nationality, which is what you really need to get a job on a construction site these days.
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Its good that you are seeking advice before joining. Try also looking at the links here in the Sapper careers advice post in the Announcements at the top of the Board.

    In particular you should try a Look at Life course, and speak to the Corps recuiters as well.

    Once you've done all that then sign up! You won't regret it. But then I would say that wouldn't I...... :D
  5. Good choice mate.. as has been said there's plenty of variety, and your majority of trades will be rarely touched especially on ops, not everyday is there a leaky pipe in the 'ghan for example..
  6. why are you thinking about civvy street before you've even started in the mob?? If you've got a mental chuff chart going before you even join that can only mean you'll always be thinking about leaving, rather than getting on with it. If you want to be a bricky or a chippy pay for it like everyone else - however if you want to be a Sapper first, which means soldiering and some upset then good luck to you - get your priorities sorted.
  7. No its good he does, square himself a trade for civie street when he gets back out.
  8. ^^ This guy is quality, he's like a military guru or something, he knows EVERYTHING!, i wish i was him!!

  9. FUTURESPARKY you are a complete tool, fcuk off back on the park bench with your CHAV mates you chopper. Your a civvy fcukwit who hasnt even got into the army and once your in will be an embarrassment to the RE with your jack, KNOW it all attitude.

    Id like to apologise about my attitude as I know you Wedgies dont like aggression, I will buy the planties down here with me a bottle of port as compensation. :wink:
  10. I still wouldn't say that to an RE fitter.
  11. Exactly, especially if your constucting flat pack corimecs or putting up the 120 man flat pack kitchens etc. (dunno about the sandy places, but we put up more than our share in Bos)
    Been out a while now so my knowledge is dated somewhat, but the trades all got a good exercising on the tours I did in the Balkans.
  12. 3 most transferrable trade in the 'geers are CMT, draughtsman and surveyor. however you go to a field sqn u dont touch them bar seating plans and displays, u go to works gp u dont get a day off. think about a squaddie job not one for after..... as for futuresparky you chod some of us ask here because we don't enjoy or pay attention to searching for summit already found.

    I am a surveyor in the glorious corps, i was GT storeman for 2.5yrs then after my A1 got posted back, same troop wanted me in the store again, my RCMO said otherwise now i've got 2 yrs experience in my trade i get 30K uk jobs or even 54k KBR offers however my last day in green aint yet and whilst my rent is £12 a month then balls to civvi street!!

    Civvi's care for the job they do, squaddies live for the lifestyle it comes with...learn that quick...
  13. Iron i bet your one of thoes internet loosers(and yes i ment to spell it like that) who has nothing else to do, so they make up a ton of shite, do a little research and pretent to be someone just to pass the time. Because there on there own and have no-one. Were is my know-it-all attitude in any of my posts. I say what proper people in the army have told me.

  14. nice that however ment is spelt mean't as in mean it, pretent must be pretend surely, there in both terms should be they're or they are on thier own meaning to belong to one. i can only guess were means where in the sentence.. all that from a proper person in the army...

    dont join my Corps, you're a gobshite!
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