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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Dizzee367, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I've filled in my application forms and decided to give the Royal Engineers a go. But there are a few things that i would like to know.
    First of all, What are the best trades? For instance, I was thinking about being a Command, Communications and Information Systems Specialist but im not quite sure what its like.
    Second, My dad wanted me to go on the insight course, What is that like and what type of things do you do? How fit do you have to be?
    Thirdly, Are the Royal Engineers like infantry soldiers? Like, Do they get into gunfights etc. in Iraq or wherever.
    Fourth, If I join the Royal Engineers, And i find that im not to keen on them, Or i want to give something else a go, Would i be able to change? For example, If i wanted to join the infantry or something, Would i be able to?

    Thanks, If i have any more questions I'll be sure to post them here as i know there are people with first hand experience here.
  2. [b
    This sounds to me like it may be a Royal Signals employment.
  3. No, Its one of the trades of the Royal Engineers.
  4. Can any Sappers shed some light on this trade?
  5. Dizzee

    The corps is the best choice, you are three soliders in one.
    Tradesman, Combat engineer, and basic soldeir. The variety of tasks we undertake in the different theatres means that there is a possibility that whatever you want you can persue but you also get some quals on the way.

    As for the trade you mentioned its sounds like a signaller each to there own my advice get a trade and then look to do someother courses once your future is safe.

    There are many threads and many people who confirm the CORPS is the best.


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  6. Or scaleybacks?
  7. What does that trade do?

    Obviosly OPSEC, but PM me and I'll put into laymans for the young lad.
  8. First of all, with your location and a signature like that, I won't be surprised is you get labelled a walt over in the naffi. Anyway..

    I am that trade. Just say 'sigs' for short. Used to be a crap trade, but it's alot more computer based with bowman/comBAT..etc. You also gain you're Cat B (car) C, C+E (HGV) licence.

    Combat Engineering is more interesting in whichever trade you choose. Depending on what trade you pick, would determin on how often you are used as a Combat Engineer. It's good and a it's crap at sapper level. Blow stuff up, play with makita equipment, drive army boats are all the plus points. Bad points 'hands on, life UUUP' which will see you grafting putting bridges together and enduring lessons such as 'water purifacation'.

    RE is the best, cause everyone gets bored of what they do, and we've got several differant jobs you could be doing, so it's not all 'samey' Like me, I can be a driver, signaller, Cbt Engr, Infanteer, superhero.
  9. Ok, So how does my sig have anything to do with me joining the Royal Engineers? And whats wrong with me being from Hertfordshire? And care to explain what a "walt" is?

    Other then that, Thanks for the useful information.
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Let's keep the advice sensible please for a potential recruit to our Corps.

    Dizzee - have you looked through the links in the Corps Info sticky at the top of the page?
  11. Not yet, Ill do that now. Thanks.
  12. FFS NT..........before you post....check the contents.....WTF is naffi ? Do you mean NAAFI ? Its written on the entrance to every establishment it owns!!!!!! You really are a numbnut!

    You still pounding the pavements ? Enjoying getting lazy on leave ?
  13. Just when you think the lad's doing OK(ish).... goes right back down again!
    Good luck Dizzee, plenty of trades out there should you wish to go for the RE.
  14. I have been following the exploits of NT for a while now....he doesn't help himself does he!
  15. Hi Dizzie,
    MEC3S is the current term for a Combat Signaller in the Royal Engineers. I am just coming to the end of 22 years as a "SCALEY", although my last 6 years have been spent in IT. If communications interest you, then its the job you want, if its hands on building and blowing up, then its Combat Engineering. Depends what you want out of it all. A trade is something you can carry through to civvy street after it all, so choose wisely! Dont let some of these "oggies" convince you that Combat Engineering is the be and end all of the RE, it aint!
    The RE is a great Corps, and there is lots to choose from, what ever you do, I am sure you will enjoy it!