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Right can someone help me out with this?
Left the army officaly in Oct 99 as a lance comical,applied to join the TA in early 2002 due to various cock ups ect I never got accepted until Aug that year now the Sqn I was going to join PASO told me I wouldnt have to do recruit trg although I'd lose my rank..however due to cock ups I couldnt join that Sqn and got offered a different job in a sister Sqn, There I was told I'd have to do a recruits course again........which I did.
However this leaves me with a few questions the 1st year I quailfied for bounty was the basic one around the £400 mark next bounty year I find out that I'm on top scale for it instead of the 2nd year increment I was expecting and I've been on it ever since, Should have I been on it since my 1st bounty year or has someone messed up and I should keep quiet about it? . What pisses me off more than anything after having to do 2 weeks recruit trg again is we have a cadet instructor who didn't have to do the course! I've been told by one qtr that theres a difference in the gap between leaving the regs and rapplying for the TA if your an ex-jnco/nco can anyone clear it up and any idea's for a course of action?
I think re the bounty ,you should keep shtum about that one. I know guys who used to be in the regulars who are now TA and they had to go through the increments. So sshhhh, someone in admin obviously likes you.

There is a certain time gap between leaving the regs and joining the ta where you keep your rank. I think it is something like 2 years (but could be wrong). If it is more than this time, you have to do the recruits course again. (Well, it should be a piece of pish to someone of your experience anyway).

When you say cdt instructor, is he also a member of the TA?? if he is then he should have to do the recruits course (unless he has been in the regs and that time period thing comes into effect in this instance).

Why don't you ask the bods in the RHQ forum if they know of any regs concerning this matter. They can be quite helpful at times and there is always someone on there who knows lol

Re the bounty no I've not told anyone and I'll be looking forwards to the £1450 hitting my acct sometime soon as for the Cdt instructor no they arent Ex-reg but on my recruits course I was speaking to a lad who had a Cdt in his unit who never had to do the 2 weeks either 8O apperently down to OC discrection......what made it worse for me was on the same day I got on course I met up with my old Sqn OC from the Regs who got me my tape and he also wondered WTF I was doing there! ...yeah course was pretty easy just a brush up on SAA as I got my kit 2 days before going down to the course, was hoping to find something then see if I could use my course as an equivent for JMQC
Para in TA Regs which refers to recruit course is 5.053. HOWEVER, note the weasel word "may" where it says that, "A Commanding Officer may enlist..." There was a period about 3 or 4 years ago when it was fashionable (and I use that word deliberately) to enlist 4* Cadets without making them attend CMS(R). It should not be happening now.
Should not have had to do recruits again. We have had lads in who have been out of regs for up to 5 years. One advantage, we have (sorry, had) a good recruiter, have a good PSAO and people prepared to back the lads up. I was out of the regs for 3 years and 3 months, refused to do my recruits again, and asked for at least one of my tapes back. paperwork done immediately (thats TA immediately which does differ from the real world), and promoted in 8 weeks. Went on Detties within 4 months and F**K ME !!!! had things changed. Did not do too well on outdoor activities, but made up in the classroom and passed. Hard luck mate, but at least you are up to date on TA skills (which is probably still in the 1960s)
Abacus is right when he saidit shouldn't happen that 4* cadets get into the system without going through CMS(R), subjects such as CBRN & BCD appear nowhere in the Cadet syllebus & it's a pretty poor PSAO who lets them in. We have found that ex-cadets fall into 2 catagories, very good or F@kin sh*&e.

As an exreg myself, I was out for just over a year before I joined the T.A. but the nearest unit was a different corps, so I lost my rank, however I went on a recruit W/E where they decided that it was a waste of time for me to complete training,
& I whet straight to max bounty.

As I had a transferable skill I was shortly promoted but had to re-train to suit, I soon left to go to a unit of my reg corps.

We get Ex- regs sent to us & depending on how long in & out(a month doesn't count as being in) we tend to put them on an assessment stlye W/Eto brush up thier skills then recommend wether they should ot shouldn't attend further training.
bobos said:
but at least you are up to date on TA skills (which is probably still in the 1960s)
Along with your knowledge of the current role of the TA.

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